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    Paste the code for understanding your issues.
  2. Any idea about global variable scope changes???? All my global variables are now undefined. :( i.e. out of scope
  3. Yes slemmon, My views were inside controller's views array. I hope, its only to inform the controller to query only inside the particular view for event registration instead of all my views.

  4. I'm trying to migrate my app from version 4.1 to 4.2 . Just replaced extjs library files and im getting issues like,

    404 - file not found (controllers that i added in app.js)
    Added below...
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    Can you please provide the Xtemplate which you tried in the above example?
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    Ext.onReady(function () {
    var myflag = false;

    var data = {
    "fields": [{
    "name": "Cricket",
    "favourite": true
    }, {
  7. &nbsp: creates a non-breaking space. The purpose of a non-breaking space is to provide a space, while not counting as a place to break a line. (Which normal spaces are.)

    Therefore, you cannot...
  8. do you want to include bean values in view port returned by server ?
  9. Hope this will help.

    Ext.onReady(function () {
    Ext.create('Ext.container.Container', {
    items: [{
    xtype: 'image',
    id: 'myimage',
  10. Random number used since we cannot change or edit the url in jsFiddle.
    In your code, instead of random number, get the current url , split it (with #) and make its as tokens.

    I hope your...
  11. Its working , can you please check here (used random number instead of url split)
  12. By Default your active Tab is 0.

    Whenever the page loads, before rendering your Tab panel, from the url you can get the tab which needs to be the active tab.

    var currentTab = 0,
  13. also using window.location.hash in IE might reload the page.

    In your case for each tab change page reloads.

    Instead we can use Ext.util.History

  14. assume your url is like < yourapp > /index.html#myTabs/1

    var currentTab = 0,
    myUrl = window.location.href.split('#');

    if (myUrl && myUrl[1] && myUrl[0] == 'myTabs') {
    currentTab =...
  15. It would be helpful to understand the requirement if we have sample code and expected behavior. Please post your code.
  16. Thats ok... What you did so far is correct.

    Now can you debug your code with firebug in two places..

    1. handler function of your button - success()
    2. Check init() of 'app3'

    In both...
  17. While defining any view (i.e Ext.define) with custom attributes, no need to pass any value but while creating the view you need to pass, which will override the default value..

    in your case...
  18. In your controller, after server validation - valid user or not

    function doLogin(){
    var name = Ext.get('username').getValue();
    var pass = Ext.get('pass').getValue();

  19. Next Page or Next View? Can you provide the sample code which you tried?
  20. Hi Sword, Thanks for your effort. Tried the link provided and still the messy html code exists.

    attached image.4189141892
  21. User before render /after render to your buttons and map animate functions to show some sliding/fading effects.!/api/Ext.util.Animate


    object.onerror = handler;
  23. Check this:!/api/Ext.Class-cfg-config and!/guide/class_system

    Ext.define('SmartPhone', {
    config: {
  24. I'm trying to group grid based on the column Name and am getting broken HTML.

    Tried with escape, HTML encode/decode but still the issue exists. Is there any utility method available to overcome...
  25. Sumith, Single store is fine but you have to create new models if you are going to get different response based on the condition . We can use the same model only if the response is going to be in...
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