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    Could you help me?
    I can't find information about this anywhere, documentation contains only deprecated guide for Sencha CMD 3.0 theming.
    My app is ready to use Ext JS 4.2, but only custom theme...
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    App development has started before Sencha CMD release, so it is not based on it, but I build theme and minify JS through corresponding sencha commands. I want to use power of sencha cmd completely,...
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    I have ExtJS application with custom theme.
    Theme file looks like this:

    $loadmask-backgorund: #fff !default;
    $tabbar-base-color: #cbeeff;
  4. I helps me in this case, but what would I do if I need to create more difficult interface?
    In this case first panel become grid, and second panel has title....
  5. I have two ajacent panels, arranged by hbox layout

    var panel = Ext.widget('viewport', {
    layout: {
    type: 'vbox',
    align: 'stretch'
  6. It works good as temporary solution, but how do I be sure that $compile-all=false doesn't break something else?
    Why not add to extjs-button-ui mixin config $frame, which will handle framing and...
  7. I want green not rounded button and create custom UI.

    @include extjs-button-ui(
    /* UI + Scale */ 'green-button-medium',
    // ...
    //colors, fonts, padding
    // ...
    $border-radius: 0px
  8. If I turn on conditional comments, default ext application throw syntax error

    SCRIPT1004: Expected ';'
    Easing.js?_dc=1350541991462, line 1
    SCRIPT5022: The following classes are not declared...
  9. There is my example
    File upload dialog is shown only if I click of top side of button, not of all
  10. Version tested: ExtJS 4.1.1
    I create high button to upload files by this code:

    Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
    title: 'Upload a Photo',
    width: 400,
    bodyPadding: 10,
  11. That works fine, thanks
  12. If to move a window above, mask text overlaps the window
  13. Ext version: 4.1.1

    Code to reproduce:

    var panel = new Ext.panel.Panel({
    renderTo : document.body,
    width : 400,
    height : 400,
  14. I make submit from Ext.form.Panel:

    params : params,
    success : function(form, action) {
    failure : function(form,...
  15. To workaround this I manually set new height of input[type=file] element.
    It helps to make all button area active
  16. I want to make file upload button with height more than default 30px. In IE8 button doesn't become tall and other browsers resizes button, but click works only on top 30 pixels of button.
    Example of...
  17. I have element, initially hidden by CSS display:none rule.
    Then I manually show him.
    In 4.0.7, this works correctly, element is shown in complete height.
    In 4.1.0, element get inline style...
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    it works, thanks
    when this skill will appear in official documentation ?
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    this code can't help me because getClass finction calls while grid is rendering, so I don't know, what substitute in place marked as "your condition"
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    I can't do this, because field content stays visible.
    I want to hide delete icon from actioncolumn, that record was unable to delete while editing:
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    I have grid with RowEditing plugin and utility field, which I want to keep uneditable.
    In 4.0.7 version I set config to hide field

    editor : {
    hidden : true

    In 4.1.0, property...
  22. I workaround this bug using disable() without mask().
  23. I try to mask combobox:

    // The data store containing the list of states
    var states = Ext.create('', {
    fields: ['abbr', 'name'],
    data : [
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