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  1. Hi,

    I want to catch the submit event of a formPanel and use my own code for handling the submit. I do not want the standard AJAX submit to happen, but I cannot intercept the submit event.

  2. Is there any way to gracefully handle the rotation animation? It still 'snaps' very disgracefully with me no matter what I try...

    @Giupo have you ever found a solution to this problem?

  3. Has anyone from the staff already had a chance to look at this bug? It's rather cropping up my application..

    Thank you
  4. Got it!

    I dug a little further into console.log of the object Ext.getCmp() returned. The element I needed was hidden in the el property, making the following code operational:

  5. Thanks for the replies! Unfortunately none solves the problem.

    I cannot use classes because the images are dynamic. I cannot predict what they will be so cannot write to the CSS. They come in...
  6. No suggestions to solve this problem? I thought it would be something trivial that I missed...

    Is it not possible to modify the layout of a Sencha element after it has been rendered?

  7. I have a panel which has a background image applied through style, but that needs to change triggered by certain user actions. In this case I have chosen to test my code with the tap event, however...
  8. I'm not sure about your proxy reader, I always use the following when using a treestore:

    var devicesStore = new{
    model: 'Room',
    type: 'ajax',
  9. I need to detect when the device is moving, using the window.ondevicemotion event, however I'm using a sencha MVC structured app (so I initialise everything with Ext.regApplication(...)) and am a...
  10. Thanks for that! It acted a tad funky at first but when I changed the following I got it to work:

    var aImgsInfo=[['2.jpg','Photo 1'],['3.jpg','Photo 2'],['4.jpg','Photo 3'],['5.jpg','Photo...
  11. I'm struggling with the available Sencha layout schemes for some iPad layouts I want to create.

    I want several items on one page, but not in a very standard layout. A vbox or hbox layout don't...
  12. Sencha Touch version tested:


    only default ext-all.css
    custom css (which causes the problem listed below)
  13. Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for your reply!
    Unfortunately that's just it. As soon as I remove the layout fit on the outer container, the inner pannel doesn't scroll properly anymore (the content jumps...
  14. Before I post this on the bug forum I wanted to make sure that it's not, so I thought I'd ask here.

    I ran into the nested panel scrolling problem and tried the solution (giving the outer panel a...
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    The problem was apparently a caching problem, the console logs did show up but thank you for the other solutions!
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    I want to achieve the following:

    MyClass -> Child of Ext.Panel with certain properties
    MyOtherClass -> Child of MyClass

    I have done this as follows:

    MyApp.views.MyClass =...
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    Superb! Thanks
  18. Replies
    That does indeed seem to point me in the right direction, I'll give that a shot, thanks!

    One more thing: can I invoke scrolling upon the click of a button? In jQuery there's a .scrollTo()...
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    Is it possible to add more / less easing to the standard Sencha scroll animation? If so, any idea how?

  20. In the meantime I figured out that this effect can be achieved by setting scroll: 'horizontal' to the hbox layout, which works like a charm, but now I want to modify the scroll with a little more...
  21. I'm trying to create a layout where elements (panels in this case) are horizontally stacked next to one another, but reach beyond the boundaries of the screen. This because the user will reveal the...
  22. Thanks! That works!

    Was the method I was using a deprecated method then? It is literally taken from the Sencha Docs...
  23. I'm trying to animate an element (panel, div, doesn't matter) with a custom animation but can't get it to work. I've tried using the example code on the dev docs, but still it fails to work. The...
  24. Can anyone (staff perhaps?) please have a look at this? Because if it's not possible, that's a serious flaw in the model part of the mvc architecture...
  25. Hi,

    I'm trying to use a Nested List with a Treestore that gets info from a json feed on the same server. Everything works fine as long as I follow the vimeo example on nested lists, however that...
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