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  2. Right. However the QE engineers know dom. The do not know the ExtJS API very well (if at all).

    Btw, this brings up another question.. If the QE engineer is using Siesta for writing automated...
  3. So... for the how-to-locate-tabs-in-a-tab-panel, i think we will need to go with adding a fake class to the element. E.g.

    After the callParent() call in viewport..

  4. Yes.. I've seen Siesta in the past, and looked into it recently.

    Afaict, Siesta doesnt ~quite~ match our use-case: Basically we need to run regression tests against a built-application. I.e....
  5. How about a forum focused on the issues around automated testing of ext-js apps?

    This would be a place where folks can share their experiences w/ Selenium, Jasmine, etc.

    ...and a good place to...
  6. This issue is visible in the 4.1 RC1 examples -> theme viewer.

    This page which is part of the download will demonstrate the issue.

  7. Doing ..

    ... seems to clobber the other store URL parameters pretty heavily.

    Current problem i have now is that the paging toolbar does not get updated with the "filtered"...
  8. Just as an aside... for "login" i always recommend using a simple html form, and then redirect/forward/etc to the "ext-js based application".

    With this approach, the login page will always load...
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    Your java code is just building one big array instead of an array of objects.

    The jarray has all of the records in the same array. Not only that, but the json fieldnames are also elements of the...
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    I've done this a bunch, and its a bit of a long story, but here's the basic strategy..

    1) Use something like spring framework mvc on the server side. I realize that might be a bit of rampup, but...
  11. +1

    Same problem here. It is demoable on the sencha demo site:

    I think it is only an issue w/ non-classic themes. ...
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    I've not tried this, but it would be a direction i'd consider: I would ~probably~ look into defining the "form" with two components for every field: a label (or maybe use the "display" field) and...
  13. Consider an example where I've defined a grid w/ id 'mygrid'.
    I've also defined a "DetailPanel" - this is simply a panel that has a xtemplate on it that is used to show grid row details when a grid...
  14. I've got the same exact question: Is it possible to use a ComponentQuery selector in the App.control() function to listen for events on the selectionModel of a grid? If so, what's the syntax?
  15. Yes.. I can see how to set nameText with the HeaderContainer.

    However, i'm working with property.Grid, which does not expose nameText, nor does property.Grid expose customization of the...
  16. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7
    Browser versions tested against:

    IE 8 windows 7/64 (incorrect rendering)
    FF 8.0.1 (mac) (renders correctly)
    Chrome 15 (mac and windows) (renders...
  17. Just updated to 4.0.7 (from 4.0.2a where this was an issue for me).

    Here's what i'm seeing...

    Mac OSX: Chrome 15.0.874.121 -- no scrollbars appear unless I add...

  18. I've now upgraded to 4.0.7, and did some testing on IE8, and get dots as opposed to the "hint".

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7
    Browser version tested

    IE 8 (see screenshot) (windows7-64)
  19. How would one go about changing the "Name" and "Value" text in the property.grid headers?

    It seems that the text could be overridden through redefinition of (similar...
  20. I'm currently cutting my teeth on the ext-4 MVC arch.. got the basics going - layout, multiple views w/ grids, the stores, etc. (Btw, I've been away from the ext-js scene for a few months now.. was...
  21. Awesome. thx. presumably that would be working in 4.0.7? (I'll update as soon as possible)
  22. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.2 rev a
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 15.0.874.121
    DOCTYPE tested against:

  23. @sskow200 - that seemed to help w/ 4.0.2a.
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    Very nice summary of sproutcore2 and ext-js. If i ever need to do a SC2 app - i.e. w/o ui widgets I'll use it as reference!
  25. I've not tested the whole use-case, but would it work to add the editor plugin in the Ext.define() config?

    In the following example, this seems to work. Btw, only the Quantity column is editable. ...
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