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  1. Same test case still does not work on 2.0.1 RC.
  2. Yeah, your right because there are 6 items inside the stores data array. So it is a problem with the XML reader rather than the data view itself.
  3. The NestedList does not function properly when a TreeStore with an XML reader is used. Perhaps this is something you guys are already aware of given the lack of examples with XML and Nested List but...
  4. Alright, thanks for the info.

    I ended up manipulating the data view item dom which seems to function.

  5. cool, much appreciated.
  6. This in't necessarily a bug but thought I would metnion it and see people thoughts.

    I am developing a plugin for dataviews that allows me to mixin ads (yahoo apt) to the entities in the list. I...
  7. Does the library provide a utility method for determining instance of based on parent classes?

    What I am looking for is if class B is a child of class A determine whether B is an instance of A....
  8. I see that with the advent of rc1 horzintal wrapping was introduced to data views. Coupled with a scroll snap this seems to nearly mimic the functionality of a carousel.... nearly. So I was wondering...
  9. 1.2.3 seems to be working fine for me creating builds. Though I haven't researched or tried it but I don't think native builds will function with 1.2.3. I *think* that is one of the major...
  10. Same issue here.

    Maybe I should just re-install 1.2.3 since that seemed to be working perfectly.
  11. I was referring to a store backed carousel that displays one item at a time with swiping that reveals the next card. I have looked at the example you cited and while that will work it requires the...
  12. I have created a plugin that works well when coupled with a data view. However, due to differing implementations between data view and carousel it can not be used in a carousel without modifications....
  13. Actually my testing revealed that the primary cause was image sizes. Once that was rectified using io.src list scrolling, navigation view transitions and all together responsiveness has much...
  14. Using compontents for 25 items in a data view I have noticed some scroll lag and delayed response. I can't think that 25 would really be an issue. However, I will probably be converting my data item...
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    The entire window can be masked like so:

    Ext.Viewport.setMasked({xtype: 'loadmask'});

    Than to unmask:


  16. Could you post the models, stores and call to load the store.
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    All the examples have the source for the application under the app directory. It would be good to use those examples as starting point for building your own app. I would highly recommend looking at...
  18. Initially when I began developing an application using Touch 2 in pr1 I recall this being a prime concern. However, back than I was using my own paging mechanism which loaded items in sets of 20....
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    Here is the other piece to the puzzle. does exist. Instead it has been moved into the config. However, the magical getter and setters do not work either. So the only thing...
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    I did some partial debugging on this and this is what I discovered. expects a response object. However, returns the...
  21. I was using sencha-touch.js switching to sencha-touch-all.js has seemed to fix that problem. thx
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    What is meant by completely broken? The chrome console is showing an error after wards that the method getSuccess is undefined for me inside Ext.define.Process.
  23. I have all my application code completely isolated out of the touch core. Therefore, in upgrading I merely replaced the existing touch library with the new one and updated my custom sass files....
  24. Is there a way to detect whether Touch2 is compatible withe a given browser? I know that the simplest means of doing so would be checking for web kit but I was wondering if there is a method using...
  25. This is my attempt to begin debugging the issue myself but things are not going so smoothly. As you can see all the categories are being displayed at the root level.

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