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  1. I'm transforming an existing HTML <select> to a ComboBox but the fieldLabel does not appear. How do I get a fieldLabel to appear to the left of my ComboBox? If I put a label in the HTML code, it...
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    It's up to each client to initiate the check. In HTTP, the server isn't connected to all the clients all the time so it can't initiate communication to them. HTTP is a connectionless protocol: the...
  3. I need to post data to the server via Ajax and then retrieve the status (same domain). What's the most efficient, straightforward thing to use?
    - Ext.Ajax.request
    - ?
  4. And as for examples, don't mix in other classes or functionality that aren't absolutely necessary to demonstrate the topic.


    - The Tree example 'Ext Dependency Builder' mixes in...
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    Can anyone suggest any books that describes in detail the methods used by Ext and other OO JavaScript frameworks?

    I've been using JavaScript for years but always doing things in the old-fashioned,...
  6. There's no descriptions at all of the TreePanel, TreeNode, and AsyncTreeNode in the API docs.
    And please, something more than just "A tree node".
  7. I can't find any documentation that describes the CSS file(s) to use. There's good descriptions of the JS files to include but nothing about CSS at all.
  8. Exactly. Somewhere on the home page you should find an overview of the features that Ext provides but it's nowhere to be found. There's featured apps, community spotlight, what people are saying,...
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    The 2.0 TreePanel appears to use the 'el' option which doesn't exist in the documentation.

    Also, what is the difference between 'applyTo' and 'renderTo' and how are they different from the 'el'...
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