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  1. I'm trying to define a Tree panel at the moment, with the backend as a CouchDB database.

    The "design model" of the tree is that of an company.

    The top of the tree always a type "organisation",...
  2. Following code using Ext.draw.CompositeSprite

    afterRender: ->
    @callParent arguments

    first_item = Ext.create 'Ext.draw.CompositeSprite', surface: @drawPanel.surface

  3. (source keeps messing up for some reason, link to gist instead:
  4. I have the following component I've developed (code below) for our ExtJS4 application, built on top of CouchDB. The field, I want to be able to save as an array in our database, which will be like...
  5. That's what I tried, however when I tried to invoke it by setting my proxy type to 'dnode' I get:

    Cannot create an instance of unrecognized alias: proxy.dnode

    The top of my define looks like...
  6. Hi there,

    I've started using the MVC structure for my application (fantastic btw!)

    I was wondering, with this structure I have a custom proxy and store type to work with DNode (a RPC...
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    TommyMaintz - would you mind expanding on "Tree's with multiple models is not something we will be supporting for 4.0"?

    This is of great concern to me, because with the application we're building...
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    Great post - I'm looking to do something very similar around organisation and process charts, tying and Ext.draw surface to a TreeStore.

    I noticed a lot still lacking from Ext.draw.* - however...
  9. Very similar code, so won't repost but as of yet I've been unable to get selecting an item in a combobox to work. The trigger works fine, and I can see all the items in the store listed - but the...
  10. For my application, I want to be able to define custom HeaderContainers for grids, such as below:

    Ext.define 'Quartermaster.data_types.asset.HeaderContainer',
  11. Ahh, that makes sense, thanks for the update and good work on getting this fixed! Keep up the work guys
  12. Hi Tommy,

    Ok added the type field - still renders the same, the only difference is the name renders now rather than undefined.

    The ID thing is not optional. I'm using CouchDB, which has a...
  13. +1 Tree seems to be fixed now, although I noticed this bug:

    data =
    text: '.'
    children: [
    _id: 'khjkkjjknkjjnkjk'
    name: 'Organisation'
    type: 'organisation'
  14. Basically I have a TreeStore for an organisation chart and want to draw that on the screen, with links - seems like a lot just to create a simple rectangle, especially when I want to hang event...
  15. With a lack of documents on Ext.draw I've had to draw an inference from the source on how to create simple sprites without going down the SVG path route.

    Based on what I've done (and this is...
  16. Trying to write a component window that has a draw surface inside it:

    Ext.define 'Quartermaster.components.chart.Window',
    extend: 'Ext.window.Window'
  17. As a bit more of a clarification to my points above - my main issue is that - before the public announcement of ExtJS4 - we could have easily developed our application using the open source ExtJS...
  18. I've just had this email from Sencha:

    So I would just like some clarification on this, as up until now I think I've actually asked this question twice and never got an answer, and looking at...
  19. Can confirm I have the same issue, not loading but passing an object as the root parameter of the TreeStore.

    Everything works up to the point of trying to create a TreePanel with the following...

    I have the following code for a copy button on a grid:

    handlerCopy: (button, event) ->
    record =...
  21. In ExtJS3, this stuff worked fine with records + stores - but in ExtJS4 throws an error.

    I'm using CouchDB as a backend, and in some cases we do have associations of records which are fine, but...
  22. As an update, I've implemented the following DNodeProxy below. This works absolutly fine on stores/grid's, I can load and save stuff fine there, but on forms still has issues binding to it and...
  23. Hi there,

    I'm porting an application over from ExtJS3 at the moment, and with this application we have heavy use of NodeJS + DNode for client/server communication, instead of Ajax/REST or Direct...
  24. Can confirm this one - using illumination I can see iconCls both set in the Ext.Window and dockedItem container component (so it inherits the setting) but just doesn't display.
  25. Creating a new Ext.Window using Ext.define, if there is no title passed (this includes both no title member and doing title: '') if you don't set draggable to false, it throws an error in Firebug:
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