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  1. I think this is a bug as well. Anytime I place a grid on a west/east region within a panel using border layout, the grid's vertical scrollbars doesn't appear. The column headers don't line up too. ...
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    key: 78

    For some reason KeyMap only works reliably if you use the character code instead of the actual letter. Just search google for a list of character codes.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Nice effort. Still would prefer group header checkboxes to line up with the row's checkboxes to make it look more seamless.
  4. Thanks for pointing me to that thread! Actually I've already figured out a similar way to do what I needed. Here it is below in case anyone will be interested.

    var authorizersStore =...
  5. I noticed that calling store.filter() with no arguments doesn't seem to re-aapply the filters as the documentation says it would. Looking at the filter() method's source doesn't seem to support this...
  6. If you want your fields to be readOnly then all you have to do is set the readOnly config property to true. That should be that simple.

    Now if you are dynamically making your fields readOnly...
  7. Another workaround I employed is to make sure the store is sorted exactly how the list is sorted when grouped. Then you can now use Ext.List.getRecord(node) method and get the expected record based...
  8. Encountered the same issue when the list is grouped. Please fix.

    For now I used the following workaround to get the correct record matching the node:

  9. That should be as easy as getting the distinct group text value of the selected items and add it to your array. If you good with css and dom then you can look for group header checkboxes that are...
  10. Found the solution. Basically you need to specify layout: 'fit' on the panel containing your scrollable list.
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    Found the solution. Basically you need to specify layout: 'fit' on the panel containing your scrollable list.
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    Same here. Please post if you find a solution. Thanks
  13. I'm faced with the same issue. Please post if you find a solution. Thanks.
  14. getSelection() already returns you all rows selected. Do you also need them to be grouped as well when the list us returned?
  15. Had this problem before and found out the issue was caused by the order of my javascript files wasn't correct. Make sure you're order is as follows:

    <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"...
  16. Can't it be as simple as prefixing it with "tel:" to make phone calls and "mailto:" to send emails? If we can use a prefix like "web:" to make links load in the mobile browser that will be terrific...
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    Is there a way to use the device's back and menu buttons (Android phones) from within the Sencha Touch app?

    For example, the initial view is a list then clicking on an item displayed details...
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    This is easy. You just have to use the localStorageProxy. Here's some sample code I'm using:

    app.models.Card = Ext.regModel("app.models.Card", {

    fields: [
  19. Ok you're using version 3.2.1, I coded this plugin for use with 3.0. As I was trying to put up an example for you, I realized that it is not working on the later versions of ExtJS (3.3.0). So if...
  20. You'll also need to have the following code added explicitly if you're not yet using it:

    //add RegExp.escape if it has not been already added
    if('function' !== typeof RegExp.escape) {
  21. Here's a live example:

    Forgive me if the page loads slowly or inconsistently. This is a problem with my current hosting. Any...
  22. While I'm working on putting an example online, please take note that this plugin was developed for version 3.0. It appears the code needs to be modified to make work with the latest version of...
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    Notice I modified the behavior of DateMenu. This is not exactly the same as DateField. Notice I use a lot of this.picker in my code. If you are using DateField, then you should replace it with...
  24. Ok will try to put up a live working example.
  25. If you just did it the way you did, then it will implement the defaults, which is to show all group headers and show a checkbox beside the group header. Is this not happening in your case?

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