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  1. How soon can we expect the general public release? Thank you very much for your quick support.
  2. is GXT 3.0.3 available for download?
  3. Sven,

    this issue is duplicate of existing bug i,e GXT 3 RC Grouping Inline Editing Grid,

    could you please suggest a fix for this?
  4. I am using gxt demo sample code of GroupingView but with the editable Grid.
    On editing a Row, the textfield jumps up by one level. attached the screen shot.

    final GroupingView<Stock> view =...
  5. Sven,

    I have page which contains lot of content & gxt app is one of them, The page is huge therefore the page loads with the default vertical scroll bar.

    In my gxt app we have feature where in...
  6. Thank you very much Sven, You are my saving point, like always.

    I looked into the css to figure out the border dotted line & was able to figure out the classname.
  7. I fixed it by myself by removing the css class"x-grid3-highlightrow ");
  8. Grid is with out a selection Model, It is a simple grid with just a a Row Click event listener.
  9. Sven,

    I have a functionality where in upon Grid row click, modal window is shown with details, Upon closing Window, The highlighted row remains forever active until another row click event is...
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    I would like to get notified before the datePicker expand & collapse but the Events.BeforeExpand /beforeCollapse never gets fired , the only event that gets fired is Select

    Could you...
  11. Sven,

    We have upload image functionality in one of our forms, after uploading image when you open a preview screen to view image icon, We see a cross icon, it will only load the image either by...
  12. sorry ignore my question, I hv the ref to the groupingStore
  13. Sven,

    I would like to clear the grouping of the grid by clicking button,

    How to obtain the groupingStore object in order to clear grouping?
  14. Sven,

    The header menu of grid does not disapper upon selection, picture attached, Please advise

  15. Sven,

    does gxt support multiple columns grouping in the grid? If yes ,how to achieve it?
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    Thank you very much micgala.

    Now the blink works, was not aware of function to convert google Element object to El object
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    On adding new row to grid, I would like to highlight the grid row for few seconds,
    I tried the following code but no luck , Could you please show the correct way to highligh the grid row?...
  18. Could you please post the soln fix to avoid the grid jump on IE8 for gxt 2.2.0 version,
    with new version of gxt 2.2.1, we hv few issues.
  19. <code>
    var jsonStore = new{
    model: "TestModel",
    proxy: {
    type: 'ajax',
    url: '/HelloServlet',
    reader: {
    type: 'json',
    // record: 'person'
  20. Thanks Sven, If I just return string then how will I pass the remote pagination attributes like offset, limit etc back to client ?

    I would like to return the xml string along with pagination...
  21. Sven,

    I am trying to load xml based grid using RpcProxy but I am not sure how to return xml string .

    here is the test code,here I see the grid with header but no data, why am i not seeing...
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    Thanks a lot Sven for your quick response , Could you please briefly explain why we should always avoid using Registry?

    It will really help us in making our design decision . Looking forward to...
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    Could you please list the pros and cons of using Registry? When it is ideal to use and when to avoid using Registry ?
  24. I just upgraded to gxt 2.2.1, I noticed that i am unable to select any of GXT Grid column Header menu items as the menu disappears as soon as it appears.
  25. Sven,

    Could you please help me with this issue? to which object and at what point should i set the filter value from cookie?

    I am now able to get the filter working by suppressing events, but...
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