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  1. Hello!
    Thanks for the answer.

    I have now 'solved' the problem.
    I say 'solved' because I have only change the layout inside the tabpanel and,not using a table layout,but a column layout,the...
  2. Hello,I have a BIG problem that locked me for 2 days trying to resolved it.

    The problem consist in this:
    I have a window component and inside it I have a tab panel.
    The tabpanel is divided in a...
  3. Hi!

    I think you are right,I have to use the Zone...

    but I want to tell you that using the parameter 'copy' the row is copied and not cut and paste.
    It works correct.

    Bye and thanks!
  4. Hello!
    Someone have idea?

  5. I am trying some ways but with last code I receive an error when I drop the values :

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'view' of undefined

    So the new code I used is this :

  6. Hello,I am new to the use of Drag and Drop in Extjs 4.
    My problem is that I have 2 grid and I want to trasfert from the 1st grid Only a Cell to the 2nd grid.
    The second Grid must have also an...
  7. Yes,
    I change the handler and manage all the functionality permit to the users on the rows users click.

    So when there is a new event I manage it on only that row and when there is a modify event...
  8. Ok!
    thank you icemanovich!!!

    I have use the regex in this way :

    // regex x gestione campi number con valori solo di 0/0.5
    rgx = new RegExp('^\\d{1,}[.05]*$');

  9. Hi!!!

    I wish to do this,disable on a single row,in a grid, the ActionColumn ,in a way that ONLY in that row it should be disabled,and not in other rows...
    This because I have there an Save icon...
  10. Hi!!!

    I am trying to set a REGEX on a numberfield.
    The field is inside a grid as an editor grid.

    I have set on it the spinner with value step from 0.5 and I WANT that also inside the field...
  11. GREAT Zdeno!!!!
    I love you!!! :DB) ahahahah

    It was the stupid me....

    Thank you very much,too much hours spent try to resolve.....

  12. Hello!

    I am trying to use an editor grid like the Extjs 4.1 example cell-editing.js .

    I want to render in a window form and the grid.

    The problem is that the check box in every row/column of...
  13. Yes Sword-it!!!B)

    I have done in this way and it is superOK!!!

    Thanks a lot!:)
  14. Hi!
    I am creating an application where I want to have an editor grid with some fields editable.
    one of these is a Datefield and I want to format the editable date in an european format.
    This is ok...
  15. Replies
    Thanks alla you guys!
    I finally decide to use Sencha Extjs 4.1.
    I think it is the better solution because I have use the 4 release before and also Touch 1.1 .
    Also it is OO and is useful for my...
  16. Replies
    Thank you guys for your answers!:)

    My project is a quite bigger then simple web application,because it is similar to Desktop Application and so it is a container in which run more applications....
  17. Replies
    I have to make a choice on a HTML5 framework to use , to build a similar Desktop application and mobile application in which I can manage several sub-applications.
    I am trying to understand...
  18. Thanks very much evant!

    Searchin the net I have found a similar problem resolved with the same introduction on useStrict...
  19. Thanks evan!!!
    I have try with useStrict to false or to true,but nothing changed...?!?

    How it must be used???

    Thanks a lot!!!
  20. I want to ask this question to someone:

    Why Extjs 4 set a '12' value to a date field when I change the value ,for example, 10/06/2012 in 10/0/2012 ,in the month position???

    When I alert the...
  21. Thanks for all your interest!!!

    Now I have 'solved' the problem.
    I say 'solved' because it's not a real solution but a different way to create my application.

    Checking and working on the...
  22. It's a little difficult for me to post alla the code,because it is a long application.
    but here I post some pieces...

    The app have a container with a Tab Panel that add tab from clicking a...
  23. Hello!
    I am writing an application that use a Tab Panel ,inside it is created another Panel with 2 components ,a Grid and another Panel.
    The problem is that when I close the Tab Panel using the X ,...
  24. Hi!
    Thanks for the answer,but it is not solved in that way....

    I tried also this way but not ok....

    name: 'msg box',
    launch: function() {
  25. I have a problem understanding how to receive a value from a function in which there is an Ajax request.

    this is my example code:

    name: 'msg box',
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