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  1. hello,
    I am facing the same problem .How can I display website content on Mobile by using Sencha touch.I have created my website on wordpress and also provide some help for joomla.

  2. Hello,

    I am Trying to packaging my Sencha Architect Application.I am Using The following link for it.(!/guide/deploy) .But I am getting error on secon...
  3. Thanx for Reply...But can u tell me that how can i access website on mobile.Actully I want to access my website on mobile.So please tell me some link where i can find the proper documentation.

  4. HI,
    Actually I want to Access joomla Website on Mobile .So please give me some guidelines and some link for that.plz give me some link where i can find how can i access website on my Sencha Mobile...
  5. Hi Mthor
    Thanks for worked for me.
  6. Please give me idea that how can i add carousel item in Sencha Architec. How we can add idiffrent item for diffrent Screen.
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