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  1. What I actually do is get the entire form and then set the entire form.
    formValues = this.formPanel.getForm().getValues();

    and then later:
  2. if i remove .applyEmptyText() the empty text is not applied upon .setValues('').

    This is an actual scenario that is coming up in my application. I simply reduced all the calls to the relevant...
  3. Sorry for the confusion, please try this, it is as isolated as I can get my example.
    Go to your page:

    Open firebug, paste the following...
  4. Here is an example, current code in example is:
    buttons: [{ 152 text: "setValue('AK,NY,CO')",
    153 scope: this,
    154 handler: function(){
    155 ...
  5. I also made the following change to findinstore:

    findInStore : function(val){
    if(typeof(val) === 'string') {
    val = val.trim();
    var index =...
  6. I've re-worked parts of my code and here is what is currently tripping me up.
    I reset the sbs and then the emptytext isn't set anymore. I've tried calling .applyEmptyText() but it adds the empty...
  7. I find that when I use suspendEvents() and then resumeEvents() I get the error I described above.
  8. I mean .suspendEvents() and .resumeEvents(), not .reset() :)
  9. I'm using basicform.reset.
  10. the .reset() method doesn't seem to be working correctly for me. If I use it and then immediately click on the drop down arrow I get a "this.list" is not defined.

  11. I'm using getFieldValues() for now - it seems to work just fine.

  12. yes that's what i'm using.

    ignoring the test case.

  13. I downloaded it within the last week, i'm working on isolating it right now. If I find the problem on my own I will post back here.

  14. Here is how I am using it:

    var wdCombo = new Ext.ux.form.SuperBoxSelect({
    id: 'wd',
    displayField: 'description',
    emptyText: '(All...)',
  15. I am using a few of these superboxselects inside a fieldset within a form.

    When I add items and run getValues() everything works as expected. When I remove items, the removed items still show up...
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