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  1. Thanks for taking the time. Although I'm not sure if I understand correctly, could you elaborate on that with an example?

    e.g. what is the correct way of implementing "toggleSwipe" (sample below)...
  2. Functions are only available to top positioned/root elements.

    This is ok ("Functions" visible and available in the Config/(Architect) area):


    On a sub-element however, this is not the...
  3. Exactly my thought > simpler code organization.

    Erm, wait, in Architect 2 this works? So this IS a bug afterall. Thank you for clarifying that for me.
  4. A small-ish Correction: because of the nature of my project I've only had one top level object, and ofcourse it was checked as "initial view". The thing is that all non-top-level object loose...
  5. To make my issue clearer, I'm attaching these two screenshots.

    First: "topPanel" selected, it's also the "initial view". In "config" window, under "architect", "functions" are visible and I...
  6. I know which row you mean.
    The problem is that this row is only visible if the selected object is marked as "initial view". If not, these options are not visible!
  7. I wan't to add functions to non-"initial view" objects, like carousel.
    When I was coding by hand, this was easy. Now with architect for the love of god I can't find the right way to do this.
  8. So, any fixes for this? Or maybe a different "two column" strategy that's IE10 compatible?
  9. Is there a possible solution? Link to the bug in bugtracker, so I can follow it's progress?

    The wanted behaviour is to have two columns of items.

    This simple "hack" works in firefox and chrome. It does not work in IE10 where scrolling is broken -...
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    We tested on IOS and there was no such behaviour. It works as expected.

    So it seems the described anomaly occurs only on android. Happens even in very slow dragging, so the usual "android webkit...
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    In last few versions of touch 2 there's a noticeable difference between users finger drag length and actual element drag length. This results in much more finger movement than in some previous...
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    Same here!
    Requesting a simple sample, so I can use this in PhoneGap on mobile phone (locally).
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