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  1. Hi eguardiola,

    thank you, I have not recognized this article, yet. I will use it to try to migrate our solution to GXT3.x. Maybe I am then able to post "before" -> "after" examples.

  2. Hi Colin,

    > it was also a good one
    I am sure, you are right - I liked Senchas concept to "stick to GWT concepts". I know that in the past Sencha worked on a migration guide (some document...
  3. Hi Colin,

    thank you for the information. I am happy to open a support ticket to test the new version as well - while I will be only able to test, more or less, if I can compile our solution using...
  4. Hi Brandon,

    > GXT 2.3.1a will be compatible with GWT 2.6
    I am sorry to ask: And when do you think 2.3.1a may be available?

  5. Hi everyone,

    in GXT 2.2.x I hade the modelType object where the fields were specified. The method setMap was used to map an external field name (e.g. from some webservice) to an internal field...
  6. Hi eveyone,

    not an actual bug (I think), but something I had a major problems. If the following code was run in developer mode, clicking on the "Send" button produced a long error stack trace....
  7. Download page, use the "Download for GWT 2.0" button:
  8. Yes, sure. I have just posted the information, if someone else is searching for the error message... ;-)

  9. If do you get this exception if you drag and drop an element onto a TreeGrid you should check your DnD classes:

    Solution: You have to use TreeGridDropTarget and TreeGridDragSource objects...
  10. >No it should not, because than the fields wont be updated
    Ok, then I will try to find the element that becomes null in my code for whatever reason ... ;-)

    Testcase shows the behaviour with
  11. Actually, I was trying to track another issue, but building the testcase I found this one:
    - You have an EditorGrid with a read only column (no CellEditor) and an editable column (with CellEditor)...
  12. Maybe I'm missing something, but the issue doesn't seem to be fixed (currently using V2.1.1).

    The code in addValues of LineChart has been changed to mention the different dot properties:

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