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  1. hmm, both HLC and VLC are adjusted for width
    int w = size.getWidth() - (adjustForScroll ? XDOM.getScrollBarWidth() : 0);
    that is strange
  2. Have similar problem but with VLC's adjusting for heght :((
  3. Mouse right click in Tree changes selection, but addSelectionChangedHandler does not work in this case.
  4. bump
  5. 1. Create a tree with MULTI selection mode.
    2. Select 2-3 items with ctrl or shift keys.
    3. Select one of selected items by clicking on it (without ctrl/shift keys) (so other selected items are...
  6. Documentations says about selection modes:

    SIMPLE - Multiple selections without having to use the control and shift keys
    MULTI - Multiple selections

    So, I suppose, SIMPLE mode works the...
  7. I want to make combobox to search smth on hitting Enter key.
    I can catch Enter hit with addKeyDownHandler and make searched results appear.
    But entered text disappears.

    Or, considering sencha...
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  9. Hi, could you clearify if it is possible to delete borders from containers like ContentPanel completely.
    setBorders(false) does not delete borders completely.

    I have tried a few panels one in...
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    found in gxt 3.0: Window shrinks when show/hide operations are performed a few times.
    Try this sample: open - close window a few times

    vp = new Viewport();
    final Window w = new...
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