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    bumping this up from the dead. i'm trying to create something similar with an n-height container and an n-height dataview. both of the components shouldn't be scrollable, but the parent container...
  2. Is this still an open issue? I'm running into the same thing in version
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    I realize this is the Ext 2.x forum, but it seems to be the most 'active' support area for Saki's extension.

    I have an existing row editor grid using the DateTime field that is functioning in...
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    It looks like everything is functioning properly. When I launched Architect, it went through the progression of downloading updated libraries (as it had done previously) and afterwards...
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    attempting to update from v 3.0.0 build 1337 and am receiving the following error message

    An error occurred while downloading or installing the updates.

    In the above example, the 'Populated' list behaves as expected. The 'Empty' list may or may not show the reloading indicator on the first attempt, but will subsequently...
  7. Is there a known issue that prevents the pull refresh plugin from functioning properly on a list backed by an empty store? When an empty dataset is returned, the 'x-list-pullrefresh' div does not...
  8. @kkrohe solution did the trick!
  9. @kkrohe

    After making the edit, I was able to build the testing version successfully, but the production version still failed (albeit with a different error).

    [ERR] BUILD...
  10. My application will successfully build a test version, but apparently fails to build a production version due to some type of svn conflict.

    I can build a test version of my app using:

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    so far so good!
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    @zombeerose what is the rationale behind commenting out the dateTimeFormat option? Unless i'm missing something, this would make it quite the chore to submit the field as an epoch
  13. Jochen,

    Have you downloaded the Sencha Touch 2.0 source code? if so, the source for the Twitter example can be found in
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    have you looked into using Weinre to debug?
  15. self-serving bump. apologies.
  16. i'm having an issue in an app i'm working on that also exists in the kitchen sink example. in OS X / Safari, when setting the user agent to an iPad, the entire example is shifted down, however it...
  17. Are there known issues regarding the accuracy of the values in the object with regards to the Safari User Agent? I have several views and layouts that are dependent on the returned values of...
  18. I was having a similar issue with the following error being thrown when the response does not include the defined root:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

    I'm using...
  19. I'm trying to implement a dialog using the Ext.ux.grid.GroupSummary class, but allowing the grouping to be turned on/off by the end user, and am running into issue doing so.

    As a test case, i'm...
  20. selfish bump. apologies.
  21. fyi, after unmounting the external i rebooted the machine and the install still threw the same error
  22. full disclosure, i'm doing a SoftRAID rebuild on an external that is out of sync. i have no idea if that makes a difference...
  23. $ md5 -r Ext_Designer_1.0.2.dmg
    87fe82f74c68b4282f23a2ffc06ae71c Ext_Designer_1.0.2.dmg
  24. After downloading the dmg file in both firefox & safari, i am unable to install the designer.

    I receive the following warning:
    The disk image you are opening may be damaged and could damage your...
  25. when duplicating a component with an object defined config, the new component config is being copied as a string. example:

    Original Component:

    defaults: {width: 850}

    Duplicated Component:
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