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    The bottleneck for me was the column resizing support. Do you need resiziable columns? I think Jack is working on a speedup that turns that off.
  2. I assume this is why the new version was uploaded :)
  3. Found it:

    YAHOO.ext.util.Config = {
    apply : function(obj, config){
    for(var prop in config){
    if(typeof config[prop]...
  4. I've got my toolbar appearing and styled. When I hover over a button the style changes to ytb-button-over, but when I click nothing happens. If I set a mouseover handler same thing. I've tried a...
  5. Animal I tried making that code work and I can't even get it to add a class in Firefox, much less Safari. Maybe I'm setting things up wrong, I'll post up a sample page tomorrow.
  6. Thats what this other grid used. Ugh.

    I wonder if this is possible:

    Set the styles before generating the html. Don't allow the width to change. (with a flag like noResize or something).
  7. Slowest part of the loop in there is this:

    this.setCSSWidth(i, width, pos);

    About a .130 seconds each loop. Everything else in the loop is super quick.

    Narrowed down further to:
  8. It is. Ok. Continuing with your instructions.
  9. The archive I have doesn't contain those files...

    And that would be because somehow I managed to download an old release! Ack! Lets see if the original problem is still there...
  10. To use the "source" version of the library, is there a specific order you need to include the JS files in? I'm on a mac here and can't use your JS tool to build a new file each time. I've tried...
  11. Once the page is rendered scrolling proceeds just find. Its just the initial render that is so slow. I'd be willing to disable column resizing for the speed improvement. Unforunately this app needs...
  12. With 101 columns the grid is very slow to render, and very slow to resize an individual column. Once rendered though, scrolling is perfectly smooth and fast. I even get unresponsive script warnings...
  13. FYI. The grid is REALLY slow to render with 100 columns. Once its rendered its quick, unless you want to resize a column.
  14. If you pop up a demo page I can check it in safari and webkit (safari beta) real quick. I'm on a mac here.
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    You need to include container.js from the main YUI files.
  16. Understood. I didn't see all the issues until I poked around a bit. Specifying in the column definition wouldn't either for the resize reasons you just described.

    Comforting, isn't it, that this...
  17. Ok after a bunch of reading I now realize that in order to have the css files be able to customize the columns, you must have a class for each row. And you can't read the style from the css, you can...
  18. ok so I see that you are using YAHOO.ext.util.CSS.updateRule to update the css rule dynamically. Could this be changed to us YAHOO.util.Dom.setStyle and giving every column's span an id? And then...
  19. Worst case I can dynamically generate the css for the page. Kind of ugly though.
  20. I realized the 22 column thing too after my initial post, however I was unaware that there were placeholder rules... I guess this is a by product of the positioning code. I was planning on having...
  21. One thing I noticed, is if I remove the height of the element, it of course only renders the top portion. But I am able to scroll "further to the right" than if I do specify the height parameter. I...
  22. No difference. I also tried using reset.css and fonts.css from yahoo and that did nothing as well.
  23. I'm using the Prototype library still. But If you'd like to see the problem:
    In my code:

    var myColumns = $R(1, 11*2, false).collect ( function (col, idx) {
    var even = {header: 'Week '+...
  24. Ok here is an example of my problem.
  25. Rendering more than 11 columns causes weird rendering issues in my app. I don't know why that seems to be the magic number, but it is.

    If I make the model contain 13 columns, the 12th and 13th...
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