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  1. We're at the point of needing this as a regular feature and I hate over-riding and copying source-code implementation into my over-ride.

    What's the chance that this will become a standard feature?
  2. It would be better if this code were maintained by sencha or at least have the code be more OO - overriding applyFilters in this way means copying lots of implementation details (snapshot,...
  3. Yes, it's possible to implement remotely or locally, but for the local version you need to modify the store and you need to do it in a risky way:
  4. Yes, I think manjushrestha's example above shows a perfect use-case for this.

    it's really dumb that selecting doesn't select, but searches - bad API and bad performance-wise
  5. It may not make much sense, but since they are, in fact, different the combo should be capable of distinguishing them
  6. This is, then, a bad design - think about templated combos - they can display the same primary value with multiple distinguishing features in secondary data.

    Possibly worse, it indicates that...
  7. Thanks. Forgive my naïveté but isn't that fix strictly Ext - what would I do for gxt?
  8. I'm seeing this too using templated combos - if the 'primary display value' isn't unique (i.e. the values are distinguished by something in another field) it confuses the selection - it always picks...
  9. I prefer this solution because it also handles sort via the column header context menus:

    store.sort = store.sort.createInterceptor(_new_storeSort);

    function _new_storeSort(fieldName, dir){...
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    I find it a bit odd that when using the grid if you are on, say, page 4 and you decide to sort the data on a different column, you stay on page 4 rather than going to page 1. The new page 4 bears no...
  11. What seemed to me to be happening in Firefox was that the grid did not actually render inside the div, but below it, whereas the resizer attached itself to the div (which, being empty, ends up being...
  12. I'm having a very similar problem with Ext 2.0.2
  13. Is there any recent info on this topic?

    The yui-ext link appears to be down.

    How does one set up text copying in a grid?
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