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    But Why ExtJs changes the method to OPTIONS instead of POST??
    I´m creating a record on a REST server with absolute URL and due this ExtJs changes the Method to POST by itself
    The webservice is...
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    Hello guys.
    Today I´ve started attempting to consume a rest server.
    When I try to save the model data on a local rest server, ExtJs sends the data as a POST METHOD.
    When I try to save the model on...
  3. Hello guys,
    I´m trying to generate my first native application (.apk).
    When I try to generate it by "sencha app build native" command line, it shows me the follow error:
    [INFO] Required field is...
  4. I´m glad to know.
    Are there methods for Vibrate, Beep and geolocalization by GPS (Without 3g), 3g signal capture?
    Am I able to do Everything I could with PhoneGap?
  5. Hello, guys
    Is that possible to run Sencha Touch applications without internet connection?
    All my projects is made to run on the farms, where there is no connection signal.
    Is that possible to...
  6. On this example, on first month you have a summary Total of 600, the second one a summary total of 300.

    How can I get one of those summaries and place on a textfield?
  7. Hello guys.
    I have a grid column with columnType: 'sum' that is returning the record´s total value.
    Is there any way to get this grid summary value?
  8. Done!!
    Thank you :D
  9. I´ve just identified the problem but not the solution.
    this is my function:
    windowNovaIe: function(ie){
    var tabIe = Ext.getCmp('abainstrucao');
    var tabName = '#maintab' + ie;...
  10. Hi guys.
    Am I able to create tabs on a tabpanel with titles containing special characteres like slashes and points?
    If I try to create a tab with the title 136/B, I get the follow error:
  11. Hello guys,
    I created tabpanel to place many tabs with a gridpanel (CustomersList.js).
    If I create two tabs with the same view, the controller repeat the actions the number of tabs/gridpanel I...
  12. Hi guys...
    How do I know if my controller has been initialized already?
    If I init twice, the actions also are gonna execute twice.
  13. Hey guys...
    I´m using Extjs 4.0.7

    I have a grid using the default selection, without checkbox or another selecionmodel.
    When I try to delete a record and my application server returns true, the...
  14. Hello guys.
    I have an abstract controller that is extended for other controllers.
    I want to take some actions on my abstractcontroller´s initialization.
    I placed the actions on init() of my...
  15. Hello folks...
    I have a tabpanel (maintab) with 5 panel items, so I got 5 tab items. I´m trying to jump to the second one with setActiveTab, but it´s not working:
    In my controller:

  16. Hello,
    I´m using 4.0.7 version and I´m getting the follow error at firebug:

    toolbar.onRender.createSequence is not a function
    toolbar.onRender = toolbar.onRender.createSequence(findKeyNavs);
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    I´m using 4.0.7
  18. It´s solved...that´s what I wanted....
    10x :)
  19. Hi folks.
    I have a textareafield with the itemId: 'mytextarea'.
    I´m trying to set new value by getting it using Ext.ComponentQuery.query.
    var myfield = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('#mytextarea');...
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    Hello, I have my own css file with the style:
    background-color: #D0E2E8;
    background-image: none;
    On my textfield, I wanna apply this css using the property...
  21. Actually I wanna get the values after calling the store´s method sync().
    I´m able to get the new data from the "write listener", but how can I get this on controller to set all the new values to my...
  22. Hello guys.
    I have a formpanel with a data inserting working.
    I would like to know whether I can get the Id after the form submission, binding the store with the new id and display it to user....
  23. To check the value, I would have to check on my database again, correct?
    If so, isn´t there another way?
  24. Hi guys.
    I have a combo that is getting the records from an ajax proxy.
    What I wanna do:
    If I look for a record that does not exist in my table, I want to set the valueField property to null, so...
  25. I needed to do this on a combobox, so there is what I did:

    listeners: {
    change: function(){
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