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  1. Ext Version: 2.0 Alpha

    I'm attempting to POST using a form, but the error message in Firebug says:

    Any suggestions?

    this.getEl().dom.submit is not a function
  2. I've set animate to false, but the same behaviour occurs when the west panel is collapsed and I click on the bar to temporarily show the panel:

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    Has anyone explored the idea of creating a collapsible fieldset config option?
  4. Thanks for your quick response. Here's a quick-and-dirty testcase:

    In Firefox, you should see that the grid is displayed outside the container when it's...
  5. The test case is with 1.1 beta2 and I installed it again, but same result. :(
  6. There was no response to my intial question: here's a live example of the issue:

  7. Solution:
  8. I have a registration form with several text fields and I would like to add a short description below the text field to describe the required length or other information.

    Does anyone have any...
  9. When the west panel which contains a grid (animate: true) is collapsed/expanded, the grid is shown outside the grid/tab area during the transition from being hidden to visible (or vice-versa). The...
  10. Fix found:
  11. I looked through the forums and the API and couldn't find any documentation about adding a callback function when a user clicks on either the previous or next page button on a grid with a paging...
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    Thanks for your opinions! Much appreciated!
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    According to the tutorial (,
    one query is needed to determine the total count and the second query to limit the results.
  14. Thanks! I also was looking for a solution to this problem.
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    I would highly recommend that a changelog be included in each subsequent release of ext.

    Great work as always!
  16. Issue resolved by removing 'style="width:720px;"' on second div (highlighted in bold/red)..

    <div id="tabs1">
    <div id="reviews" class="tab-content">
  17. Unfortunately, this didn't solve my problem. Here's a bit of my code that causes the issue:

    var tabs = new Ext.TabPanel('tabs1');
    commentsTab =...
  18. I believe it's a bug with jQuery Dimensions plugin. Using the latest version of the plugin, extJs 1.0.1a and IE6, I still have the bug (as noted in the original post and image).

    Take a look at the...
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    Super! Thanks!
  20. Yes, I still have the issue.

    I'm also using the latest jQuery, but I couldn't find the dimension.js in any thread that you mentioned. Can you point me to the title of the thread?
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    I have a similar issue and when I used textarea.hide(), the fieldLabel is still displayed.

    Any ideas?
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    I couldn't get the Ext and PlotKit to play nice, so I've decided to use CSS to create the chart/graph:

    No JS library required. :)
  23. It's not in 1.0.1a. I was stating my local test environment version of Ext...
  24. Using Ext 1.0.1a, I still have the same offset dropdown.. :(
  25. IE error: 'el' is undefined
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