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  1. Don't want the arrow keys to navigate between modals because modal on top is modal currently.
    But what I got is that up/down arrow keys moved top modal back to behind.
  2. An new modal floating panel created on top of modal panel. As soon as UP arrow or DOWN arrow clicked, the current modal panel goes behind. And the behind modal panel shows .( As a modal it should be...
  3. Likes the way FF and Chrome handles which make sense that allow see the whole thing.
    So Ext JS is not Browser Compatibility ? or need to complain to IE ?
  4. 41437Disabled text box not scrolling IE but works on FF and Chrome.
    Any help ?(don't want to change to read-only)

  5. Any update for this ? Or just cannot do? Work around may be upload the file to serve and then processed, send back.
  6. Versions tested are v4.02a and v4.0.7.
    Chrome version is latest 19.0.1084.52 m (it's been a while and believed not related to minor version change).
    It should be a tab, not a tab scroller but it...
  7. 36090 it shows like this. For IE and Firefox it showed correctly.

    Any idea ? and how to fix ?

    Thanks in advance,
  8. Cannot find .load() method in in Ext js 4.0 . anyone can help ? source...proxy: rest
  9. Thanks skirtle.
    Please post an update if the fix becomes available.
  10. screenshot attached
  11. Thanks hendricd. Cannot get all the .js files work separately(post to The application is pretty big. The situations are happen randomly by moving mouse around the screen. It's a event...
  12. Here's the copy of the #3. And try new version is always the first suggestion from sencha ?
    Please help!

    Tried v4.0.7. Here's the error but on the deffent lines comparing to v4.0.2a...
  13. ------------------------------~o)
  14. Thanks and Agreed. Any comments from Sencha experts?
    If that's a proper fix, please confirm and hope it could be in upcoming updated version.
  15. 1. update to version 4.0.7 have no help for this bug. (updated)
    2. this is a type of event/event bubble/event chain bug and debug event driven bug has few help to find it(if you have any good IE...
  16. It happened only for IE. At least don't have any impact for FF and Chrome.
    The error keeps popup on the screen when mouse moves. and not only happens on mouse moving, but also on other time or keys....
  17. I got following errors on IE 8. Please help!
    Thanks in advance,

    Message: '' is null or not an object
    Line: 11386
    Char: 13
    Code: 0
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