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    This would just be great..
  2. The folder you are accessing might not be the correct one.
  3. I guess you should give it a try other way around.
  4. I agree the video was pretty great..thanks for sharing really appreciate that.
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    I am trying to get on to a solution for that..let see if i come up with something.
  6. I guess the security parameters need to be a little tightened..
  7. What about the records that have been mentioned as in the updated folder..i was browsing through it but couldn't find any satisfactory results.
  8. I hope this thing works for have created a model and it looks great so i think you will succeed.
  9. The grids look pretty much complicated..i guess they are quite might wanna rearrange them according to the sizes and you may come up with some positive results.
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    Hi all..i am a newbie out here as well and my name is Shari.
    Just hoping to have a great time up here at this community.
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