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  1. Hey,I got the solution.I just read the data from database into an array and then I encoded the data and binded to the store using a property.

    Thanx for your reply
  2. Hi,
    I am reading the data from server and displaying in the form.The data I am getting from server is in xml format.When i modify the data I want to update the values in the server on save button...
  3. Hey,I want to know how your app work.Because I am struggling to load data from database(webstorage) to store and then bind store to list.But I am unable to do that.Can you please provide me some...
  4. Hi,
    I need some help regarding database part.
    I have loaded the data from xml file into the database(Websql i.e Browser Sandbox).
    I must able to work in offline mode if there is no internet...
  5. I just tried that but its giving me the same error
  6. How to enable that.Can you provide some help for that?

    Thanx ......
  7. Hi,
    I am trying to read the data from the xml file which is on the server.But I am not able to read it ,it shows me errors like

    XMLHttpRequest cannot load...
  8. Hi,
    I want to read the xml data from the web server,but I am not able to read it.
    The url is as follows
    My files are as...
  9. Hi,
    I am not able to deploy the app for iPad.I just selected the device type as 'iPad' but cannot see any output.It just displays a blank screen for iPhone.Is there any specific procedure to run...
  10. Hi,
    I am not able to launch my app in iPad.I just made the modifications in packager.json file as deviceType:"iPad"
    from deviceType:"Universal".I don't know what the problem is.It gives me error as...
  11. I wantt to build a native app.I have installed the sdk tools and from the terminal I am using the command "sencha app build production" and "sencha app build native".This gives me the IOSSimulator.I...
  12. Hi guys,
    Can anyone tell me how to deploy the application for IPAD device.If anyone have multiple ways to do it,Please share with me

    .....Thnx in advance
  13. Can anyone help me to change the color of my titlebar.Is there any simple method to do it or we need to use css.
    Which property should be used for css and where to write the code of css.
  14. Hi,
    I am not able to deploy the project for android app.I have successfully deployed for the IPhone,but for android it is asking for certificate.Is anyone aware of this.I just change the...
  15. Thanx for reply,I have just found that text property does not have any parent,So we have to provide the mapping value as 'text' as it appears in json.
  16. Hi,This is my Json data



    favorited: false
    in_reply_to_status_id_str: null
    geo: null
  17. Hey,I had the same problem,but its not too difficult.Just try my code.Remember to give the proper path of sdk folder in index.html
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    Hey,i have solved the issue and now my program's are running successfully.I have just tried in a different way.Now only the issue is I am not able to load the IOSSimulator. I have tried the command...
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    Yes I am using Sencha Touch 2,the simple structured file shows no problem,but when i try to use MVC architecture it shows the same error.Please provide me simple example of MVC structute if you have.
  20. Yes,I have tried with Chrome and Safari.Shows the same problem.Is the problem is with OS?
  21. Hi,
    Need help,as i have followed the instruction as mentioned in the getting started guide.Done all the required settings,still my app does not run on browser,it shows continuous loading image.If...
  22. Hi ,I am too having the problem of running the app,while i run amy app in browser it shows the loading images continuously,Please help me if someone finds a solution
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    I have followed the steps to make sencha app run,but while running my app in browser after the command

    sencha generate app GS ../GSI am not able to see the design page.The page is continously...
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