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  1. I am creating a itemclick event of chart series items in extjs

    "mychart series": {
    itemclick: function() {
    The above...
  2. Hi All,

    I was looking to implement Candle Stick Chart In Extjs 4.x .

    If someone has done please share your idea.

  3. Hi,

    I wants to change theme in my project for a single component only.
    By using Ext.util.CSS.swapStyleSheet it swaps the theme of project not for particular component.

    For example i have a...
  4. Hi burnnat,Thanks for your reply.I wants to switch theme without loading page and only for center region. For example - If i selected "Grey" from combo box then "center region" look accordingly....
  5. Hi,

    I have a viewport that having all 5 region and i have a combo box in center region for switching themes.

    Now is it possible to change theme only for center panel on theme change ?.
  6. Thanks for quick reply =D>
  7. Hi,

    I want to show below message for 2 min.

    Ext.Msg.wait('Please wait ...','Loading data ...');

    How to set timing so this message will continue for next 2 min.

  8. Thanks Scott for quick reply.
  9. Hi,

    When i set zoom size if browser i am getting scroll bar in message box and wait message in IE.

  10. Thanks
  11. Hi Ilay,

    Thank for your answer it work by some modification .. we don't need - me.onExpand(); last line of code becoz it reset date to current date.

    I was looking in datefield expand event...
  12. Can any one please tell me Extjs 4 Compatible.

  13. Hi,

    I checked with date format and

    I have changed my code according to error - "TypeError: date.getTime is not a function" .

    For that i converted date string to date-time as below -

  14. Hi,

    I wanted to set different date in date picker by replacing default date of date picker that comes system date.
    for that i override Date field - below is my code -


    Now i was...
  15. Replies
    Try this with your text-area -

    xtype: 'textarea'
    ,height: 80
    ,listeners: {
  16. ,listeners:{
    afterrender: function(panel) {

    css -

    .my-panel .x-tool
  17. Thank you,
    Here is my code -
    I'm getting error when loading my page -

    TypeError: parentClass[methodName] is undefined
  18. Hi scottmartin,

    I'm not able to access this url, i'm getting this message when i'm clicking on url, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one...
  19. I want to change icon position of collapsible panel from right to left in header.
    I tried using custom css but custom css is not working for me.3932339324
  20. Hi i want to implement an application in (extjs) with multiple language.. all content will display according to selected language by user.
  21. I fixed it B)B)B)
  22. Hi Elfayer,

    Thank you for reply..
    As i asked i have window and inside window toolbar and toolbar having button ..
    Now according to your code may i know please how to access button click event .....
  23. I have a window with toolbar that having button. but button click is not working with controller (MVC) -

    controller code -

    ,init: function() {
  24. Replies
    To remove child element border we can add

    defaults: {
  25. Hi,
    I'm using grid plugins to edit a grid and on New button click i'm inserting new record on grid at (0, 0) position -

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