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    Prevent zooming and panning helps on mac Safari. But it doesn't have an effect on iOS5.0 Safari.

    Any other temp solutions for now?
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    Currently, I created a popup (extended from Panel, modal: true). After running, it just appears.

    I would like it to animate it from bottom to up. Not sure how to proceed. I...
  3. Ah, found it. It's actually inherited from Viewport. I have it set to defaults: { scrollable: true } before.

    Now question is why doesn't it get overridden with explicit child configs? Anyone...
  4. I've updated the code to the below. Now the map is showing, but the map view is scrollable (when I drag the map, I see scrollbars). I've attempted to pass in a config: {scrollable: false }, but...
  5. Hi,

    I'm pretty new to ST in general. I've also been following a MVC architecture and using lazy instantiations for components.

    I'm trying to get GoogleMaps to show up inside of a toolbar...
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