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  1. Hi Friends,

    In my app i am having a video that when opened in ipad with fullscreen and once the 'Done' button is tapped all my sencha events of the current view are not working, infact it seems...
  2. I have form which on filling it using tab key(on desktop) and next key on ipad, i am experiencing an extra padding which gets added to container as said by a.kuelzer . I am using sencha latest...
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    Hi joel , your work is awesome ... it would be great if u upload the working demo of the progress bar...

    Thanks in advance.....
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    joel r anybody having this code it would be helpful if some posts it....i am very need of it
  5. Hey guyz i'm facing a prob , is it possible to drag and drop in same container or toolbar for instance. appreciated if answered ,thanx in advanz
  6. hey sunny i really need this plugin to work for Phonegap, have you done the same for it.. or is that it works only on sencha
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    I m also getting the same someone pls help.................
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