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  1. I switched from GXT 2.2.5 to GXT 2.3.1a and stumbled into the exact same problem.

    There are 2 possible ways to fix it:

    1) add requestfactory-server.jar from the GWT distribution to your...
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    I could really use a DateTimeField or DateTimePicker... if anyone has any custom implementation please let me know!
  3. I'm facing the same problem.
    The user can tell the difference because I'm using a template for the ListView of the ComboBox.
    The template is defined so that it shows different fields of the models,...
  4. I'm using GXT 3.0.1 and I'm experiencing the same problem, but only if I create the panel like this:

    ContentPanel panel = new ContentPanel(GWT.<ContentPanelAppearance>...
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    Thanks, I tried this and it works, even though the checkbox is not perfectly centered (it appears slightly on the left side of the column).
  6. The method ListStore.getAll() returns Collections.unmodifiableList which is *not* serializable, therefore the resulting list cannot be used to be passed as parameter in an RPC call.

    For instance,...
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    I actually have the same problem. I tried the proposed solution but it didn't work. Any other ideas?

    Edit - check out this workaround:...
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    I think DarekKay meant something different... here's how I replaced my old GXT2 CheckColumnConfig when migrating to GXT3:

    MyModel props = GWT.create(MyModel.class);

  9. I have the same problem...has anyone found a way to do it?
  10. I'm having exactly the same problem...!
  11. I have the same problem... does anybody have any news regarding this issue?
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