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  1. You are right, I didnt for my app (actually...

    You are right, I didnt for my app (actually created with Designer (!)) but I have strictly the same issue with the native example nicely demoed there:...
  2. Native packaging under Windows with Sdk Tools

    Hi all,

    I already browsed the different topics here and sadly I couldn't find a solution yet.
    I installed the Sdk tools beta and successfully get it to generate a packager JSON config template...
  3. Install: ok ... Packaging: not yet

    Hi all,

    Thanks to this thread I could go further and install the Tools correctly .. but now I want to package my app (or even one from the example) to a native IOS bundle.

    I've done my part at...
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    Just opened my eyes ... a simple "Basic Function"...

    Just opened my eyes ... a simple "Basic Function" drag and drop to the model does the trick.
    Sorry for the noise.
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    Add a computed field on a Model


    I have probably overlooked this one but I can't find how to add a "computed" field on a store via the Designer. By computed I mean the 'fullname' field in the example below:

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