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  1. phantomjs is found in ubuntu and not debian.

    Debian OS works fine... issue is in ubuntu

    [x-sencha-command] INFO: /builds/opt/wios/Sencha/ error while...
  2. Please let us know if this is issue in sencha cmd.

    This issue is found in linux machine with debian OS
  3. To fix this issue we had to do apt-get install phantomjs and copied /usr/bin/phantomjs under Sencha/

    Also if 'ruby --version' doesnot show 1.8, then update ruby...
  4. Request URL:
    Request Method:
    Status Code:
    200 OK
    Request Headersview source

  5. I raised the issue to sencha team and they re-opened in EXTJSIV-10613
  6. In IE 10 production build it fails when we change directly as

    textfield.inputEl.dom.type = 'text'
  7. Hi

    I found a weird issue with radio buttons event listener.

    Step1: I have a common component class which is extending container class and it has a radiogroup with 2 radio items
    Step2: My...
  8. Hi

    How can i change the reader root property before sync ?
  9. Hi

    I have a requirement where all my cells will be editable.
    Some of them will be inline which is easy like having just two radio buttons or two checkbox.

    But some of my column will need...
  10. My requirement is, on click on different cell different popup window will open with their own components.

    So basically each cell click will open a popup where i will play with the component and on...
  11. How to open different popup window for each cell?

    My each cell will have its custom component, i need to open popup window how can i achieve tht ?
  12. I am sorry but it seems the issue is still there, i cannot reproduce everytime,

    but i do get null pointer error for record.

    this line fails, here record is null

    if (columnHeader &&...
  13. i think i was using grid.doLayout() in my load method , because of tht may be some issue was there.

    When i commented out grid.doLayout() and reverted my change in framework code, i dont see any...
  14. I found this issue in extjs 4.2, after i put tht condition everything seems good and i dont see any null error
  15. Original extjs code

    // If we have a columnHeader (either the column header that already exists in
    // the headerCt, or a suitable match that was found after reconfiguration)
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    i got the problem, i was attaching listener to same component id, so it was firing multiple times,

    I have now fixed it by attaching listener to individual component with their own ID
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    But I am still facing this issue in 4.2?

    I have a component which is called 4 times inside a page, and when i click on radio item of componen1, it basically goes an uncheck the radios of other...
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    I am new to extjs ,

    can you tell where to place the overridden code ?
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    I dont see its fixed in 4.2 as well.

    i am using extjs 4.2 and having same problem.
  20. Hi even

    I am facing same issue

    My structure looks like

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    I need help on how can i access common component in my main project and do a single JS file build using sencha command?

    Basically my project flow is

    MainProject - all the src for these...
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    download from here
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    I dont see the name property in the hasOne fields?
    But i see the name property in the hasMany

    In extjs 4.1.3 docs, has it changed or its missing.

    I come across lot of time that some property...
  24. Any solution so far?
  25. I was facing other problem on how to specify the hyphen in my store root object
    My nested data looks like

    "data": {
    "device-config": {
    "device": {
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