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  1. It looks like after further review I had an implementation issue with the KeyProvider.

    There is still a carrot/selection display problem related to the IE8 bug I've seen already filed under a...
  2. Required Information

    Version(s) of Ext GWT
    Ext GWT 3.0.1

    Browser versions and OS
    (and desktop environment, if applicable)

    Internet Explorer 8, Windows 7
    Chrome Version 23.0.1243.2...
  3. Replies
    What is the data layer stack that you are using?

    You'll need to instrument your query to use whatever paging mechanism that your object relational mapper (if you are using one) provides you....
  4. That is an excellent reply! I'm left chewing on all the information you have provided with very little to question at this point.

    Having all the information that you've provided in the back of my...
  5. We are also experiencing this problem.

    It's easily demonstratable in the Explorer Demo. Tabbing through the Forms Examples ( are...
  6. Hi,

    I'm posting because I've been working with the GXT 3 Appearances and I'm seeing a variety of implementation strategies in regards to the resource and instance management within the various...
  7. When creating a simple Grid inside of a Window (I have used the basic grid example from the ExplorerDemo) the mouse selection of rows no longer works as designed.
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