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  1. I placed a for-fee support ticket to find out what the status of this bug ticket is. It turns out it is fixed in the latest nightly build 5.1.3. We applied the fix to our application and I can...
  2. We have run into this exact problem with tooltips not working on laptops with a touch screen and a mouse.

    I see that this has been filed as a bug report. How can I check the status of this? We...
  3. We just upgraded our group calendar application from Ext JS 4.2 to 5.1.1. This application is currently used by about 600,000 users. In the context of that migration we switched from the classic...
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    We tried this and it didn't work until we disabled "split mode". In other words make sure that


    or not defined in
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    Like many of you we are a small team (2) using EXT/JS and are just shocked by the huge increase in license fees for EXT/JS 5. I just discovered that still sells single developer licenses...
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    Basically a good idea. Nothing should prevent us from putting GA releases into a Github repository. I actually thought in a similar direction this week. I setup my own local Git...
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    Ohh, then I missed 99 of these discussions. :-) But good to know that others have the same need. What is the state of discussion then?
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    My growing collection of EXT JS overrides is getting painful to maintain. It would be really cool to have a public EXTJS repo which allows me create branches with my overrides and build a customer...
  9. Hi Scott and Evan,
    Thanks for your feedback. That's an easy solution. The htmlEncode renderer works well and solves the problem.

    Maybe some of the framework examples should be updated to include...
  10. I am wondering how you people deal with user input to a grid that contains HTML special characters like <, >, ", &, '.

    If I HTML-encode these characters on the server side, the escape sequences...
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    Dear all,
    A few days ago we released a new version of Teamup Calendar (formerly Teamup Reservations). Teamup Calendar is hosted calendar service built on ExtJS 4.1.1 and Ext Calendar...
  12. I ran into the same issue after upgrading my app from Ext JS 4.0.7 to Ext JS 4.1.0. After some research I found that in Ext JS 4.1.1 RC2 this was fixed.

    > EXTJSIV-6055 onReady does not work in an...
  13. Fixed the broken link. Thanks for the feedback. Gabe
  14. Hi Evan and Scott,
    Thanks for your feedback. I was able to solve this issue. It was due to the fact that the Sencha SDK tool by default does not remove debug code when it generates a minimized and...
  15. Recently I created an optimized extjs build for my application using the Sencha SDK tools. The goal was to improve loading performance of my application by creating a leaner build of all JS classes...
  16. Hi Evan, thanks for your feedback.

    > The built version doesn't have the warnings, only the dev versions.

    What exactly do you mean? Do custom builds have certain classes missing related to...
  17. Hi, I have developed an application that is in production use for about 9 months now and works very well. Recently, I upgraded it to ExtJS 4.1 without any major issues. I have now created a...
  18. Config option menuExpandDelay of is not working as expected. This config option is supposed to prevent the opening of sub-menus if the mouse moves over a menu item quickly (less than...
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    Hi Mitchell and c2c-yuengling,
    Thanks for your feedback. I just tested with EXT JS 4.1 RC 1 and can confirm that both issues have been fixed. That's great!

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    In Ext JS 4.0.7 Ext.form.field.Time does not work properly anymore, which make the component painful to use. There are two issues. You can easily reproduce these using the online example at ...
  21. Hi Tobias,
    Thanks for your feedback. I just checked out FieldManager. Looks very impressive. But I think the focus is different enough that we are not stepping on each others toes.

    Beste Grüsse...
  22. We just released a new version that addresses the large header mentioned by Christiand. Other changes are:

    There is now a free version without ads
    Customizable header (your logo and header...
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    Look here:
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    Look here for a new version of ColorField for Ext JS 4:

  25. Dear all,
    A few days ago we released Teamup Reservations at This is an application to manage reservations for meeting rooms, equipment, vehicles and similar resources. It is...
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