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  1. Has this override been incorporated into Extjs 4 proper? Does anyone know?
  2. Trupti, Your code looks ok except that you have an extra '});' after your combo declaration, and the store object should be defined within the Ext.onReady enclosure. Also, if you're using Extjs4...
  3. We need a workaround for previous V4 versions. Can someone provide some guidance on this please?
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    @MITCHELL: I don't currently have the option of moving to V4.1 so can I get and apply the code changes to fix this issue? This issue is occurring sporadically on several grids in a critical...
  5. Right. It should sort the store, but it only sorts the records visible on the grid page. I'm thinking there are two possibilities: 1) I'm missing something in the configuration of...
  6. Wondering if anyone knows how to do this. I have a grid with a store configured with a PagingMemoryProxy. When I click on a column header in the grid the sort only addresses the data on the current...
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    Nice. I bumped into this today and figured it out just before seeing this post. To reload the ItemSelector contents one must use itemselector.bindStore( store ) each time.
  8. Good point. I tried using a 'column' layout to create a two-column layout, but all the images loaded into the first row. They didn't line up to the right of the respective fields in the left...
  9. Clickable icon. Subsequent to yesterday's post I got something working. I'm not convinced it's the best solution but it works for now. Within the loop shown in the code from my first post above,...
  10. Wondering if anyone has a simple answer to this. I'm trying to append an icon just to the right of each textfield in a form. The closest I've come places the icon UNDER the textfield. So here's my...
  11. I ran into this same error today: "overHeader is undefined"

    Version: ext-4.0.7-gpl

    The error appears when I mouseover a grid column header after doing a grid.reconfigure().

    Not sure of the...
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    One way to highlight all cells for a particular column is to add an arbitrary CSS class name to each column cell. The working example below uses a renderer to wrap the cell's content in a <span>...
  13. Through trial and error I've figured out how to highlight an updated grid row. In the grid's viewConfig I added a listener for the 'itemupdate' event, and simply highlighted the passed node.

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    A couple of small things popped up on this nice little plugin. First, when the tabpanel has fewer tabs than the value specified for menu pageSize, no menu is built at all. The plugin code tries to...
  15. Thanks jej2003. I needed that piece of code today, to pass in an existing XTemplate. :)
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    Ignore my previous question. I've found the functionality I was looking for. PagingMemoryProxy is just what I needed. It allows Ext.toolbar.Paging to control paging of local data contained in an...
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    Does anyone know if there is a port of for Extjs 4x?
  18. @eddiegarza: Thanks for posting the fix. Encountered this bug tonight and now I'm past it.
  19. I really like this plugin but tab scroller buttons still appear in their normal positions. When the toolbar is present the scrollers should be confined to the sides of the tabs. I'm using the...
  20. I feel like the groupHeaderTpl should allow me to easily access the grid's data store, or attach a function to return the rendered value. This is a step backwards. My workaround has been to create...
  21. Oh, and I'm using Extjs version 4.0.2a
  22. I encountered this today while converting a grid from Ext3 to 4. After some trial and error I got my checkbox selection model working again. Remove the 'sm : new Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel()'...
  23. I'm new to Ext so bear with me. I'm trying to modify the value of an <input> element with the user's choice from a LayoutDialog window. The LayoutDialog displays with no problem. How do I 'return'...
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