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    Are you sure at it does not need anything to reload/re-render the layout, @TommyMaintz? It does not work for me if I login with another user (another session).

    Does anyone has any solution for...
  2. I have the same problem. I have an app with user authentication. At the topbar I have an username and personalized buttons on the home page.
    When I log me in (after successfully logging out) with...
  3. Ok, so I see at there is an issue with external resources. I've read at it is impossible in Sencha to request external url in the way: or /scripts/s.js if...
  4. Ok, I've removed it from cache.manifest, but it goes to localStorage and has not been updated thou.

    HTML5 documentation says at when cache.manifest changes, files are going to be refreshed. Does...
  5. Hi,

    I have following code in app.json:

    "js": [
    "path": "app.js",
    "bundle": true,
    "update": "delta"
  6. How about loading them in app.json?

    "js": {
    "path": "sencha-touch-all.js"
    "path": "lib/deft.js"
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    How has researching gone @mitchellsimoens?

    Maybe it is just to turn off animation and all effects around webkit engine?
  8. I have done like you recommended but when I try call a function, a variable from custom library, get I following error: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: Translations.

    I read at it should...
  9. common, unsolved problem :(
  10. Hi, I am struggling with an error when I am trying to update a record to a store.

    I get the error: TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'beginEdit'.

    Here comes code:
  11. I'm struggling with this error a whole day. Could you tell me what I should do?

    Here is my packager.json file:

    { "applicationName": "Test App",
    "applicationId": "",
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    I've tried to change it in notepad and it did worked however when I open Archtect the value changes again. It seems at we can't edit any sencha files with external editors. It is quite inconvenient! ...
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    @bharatn writes at it is possible for custom variables. So if I would like to use XTemplate for itemTpl, so what should I do?
    To overload the component, to set template with list.setTpl() or is...
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    You've made my day!

    How about a default property? For example for Ext.dataview.Dataview we have an itemTpl property with array type as default. I would like to implement Ext.XTemplate object. How...
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    If it is available, so what do I do wrong whereas I am trying to put XTemplate for itemTpl in Dataview?

    Ext.define('mBooking.view.ReservationFormContainer', { extend: 'Ext.Container',
  16. Yeah, it could work... However I've got a small error when I click on delete button. I've got following message:

    I have:

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.AccessList', {
  17. Hi, I was just wondering what I have done wrong...
    I am posting the relevant parts - I hope so :)

    In a view:

    xtype: 'panel',
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    Thanks for response, Scott! Yes, I've wrote it in from memory :)
    What should it be instead of Ext.viewport.Default? Should I repleace it with Ext.Panel? I am using formpanel because I have also...
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    I've read many posts about dataview and height property, however I didn't found a solution which worked for me.

    A problem is trivial: "Dataview type does not show children".
    It is like a float...
  20. Does it mather if I use debbug or compat or all version of js file? I have also the same problem with slow scrolling under Android 4.0.4 and the newest sencha.

    -> It turns into squares after I go...
  21. I am developing app for Android.

    When I write:

    so it shows following error:
  22. Do I have to include this? I was googling after it but I couldn't find any answer or source code. In sencha touch 2 download packing can be found an example but It seems to be build-in effect. I...
  23. I would like to obtain animation shown here

    How can I get it? I've tried to set config option for panel:

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