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  1. Nice try but that is incorrect.

    I am aware of property 'labelAlign' and that text-aligns right the label the label itself remains on the left side of the field.

    Please look at my example again...
  2. Hello, thank you for reading.

    How do I put the fieldLabel on the right side of a TextField?

    For instance it would look like this.

    [_______________] This is the field label.

  3. Thanks but if this is the only way then ExtJS is ridiculous.

    You mean the only way to put a couple of bold headers in a long list of checkboxes is to split it into different fieldsets?

  4. While we are at it, if you know how to put in a "check all" "uncheck all" thing please let me know.

  5. Hello,

    I have a form that consists of about 20 form.Checkbox fields.

    I would like to do two things:

    1) Put in a text header every four checkboxes.
    For instance:

    A first Group...
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    My esperience with the custom scrollbars is that they are not compatible with the extJS that we are using on our website. This is not to say they won't work, but after a few hours of...
  7. Hi! Please do chip in? I want to use the datePicker to serve as a sort of "organizer calendar" where certain dates are colored (red, green yellow) based on certain types of events happening on that...
  8. At first I tried this approach to hide the elements that contain the "Today" button.

    .x-date-bottom { visibility: hidden; height: 1px; overflow: hidden; padding:4px; background:transparent; }...
  9. How do I completely eliminate the [Today] button from my rendering of the ext.DatePicker? Not "hidden"/hide it with CSS. Eliminate it.
  10. Hi thanks for the tip. Although a little convoluted (not sure why the <em> is in there in the first place) this seems to do the trick.

    .x-date-date em span { font-style: normal; }
  11. Hi!!!!111one

    I have heavily modified the styles of the DatePicker. however in the CSS document I have yet to find the style that will turn the numbers of the date "normal" in other words NOT...
  12. I get how this.el.setStyle works and have used it successfully. Is there a setClass so I can set an entire class not just a single style?

    I've looked in the docs and have not found anything of...
  13. Thank you so much for your response. Unfortunately my client (a fortune 500 company) insists on using the 1.1 codebase because that is what their application is already using.

    I have spent the...
  14. Hello, have a quick question for you. After downloading extJS 1.1 and doing a couple of tutorials I am wondering "what next" to accomplish my task.

    1. I need to create a box that will contain a...
  15. Thanks so you think it would be an uphill battle for 1.1? It is impossible for 1.1 or just would require a lot of hacking?

    That's good advice thanks! Anyone else?
  16. Hi, first of all thank you for taking the time to read my thread. I am impressed with the technical potential of extJS. A bit about myself and then about my goal. I am a programmer with over 7...
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