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  1. A few remarks based on my particular experience :
    - I thought of this thing as a bug because it triggered a javascript error in some weird place instead of a warning explaining the convention....
  2. You're welcome. Actually i think you've added this check to let people use custom class path. The irony is that this test should not do any damage if your app's name starts with an uppercase (which...
  3. I solved the bug by doing a "replace all" from name.charCodeAt(0)> 96 to !name.charCodeAt(0) > 96

    Not sure if that's the right way but it seems to have done the job in my case.
  4. Actually, it seems like all the "apply" methods are screwed by this new test :

    (!name.match(this.dotRe) || name.charCodeAt(0) > 96)

    Don't know why you added that "name.charCodeAt" check,...
  5. Hi, beta 2 triggers an "undefined" error for this line (sencha-touch-debug-all.js line 28350) :

    proto = controller.prototype;

    After investigating, it seems like you're having an error in...
  6. Not sure if you've looked around, but there are a lot of post about phonegap+sencha touch (even a sticky one iirc).
    I haven't tried with phonegap 1.2 (latest version is now 1.4 you should update if...
  7. Ok, forget it, i just realized where the error came from , i shouldn't have used "baseCls" but "cls" instead.

    Sorry for the trouble.
  8. There you go.
    Note : I've tested this on safari , you need to scroll one image to see the other images remain on the right and left side, which should be enough to spot the bug i guess. In my very...
  9. I had this code working with a carousel in PR4 and in BETA1 the carousel isn't hiding the images on the "side" anymore (you can see them loading/unloading).
    I checked the "carousel" code example...
  10. Yeap, bug solved in beta 1. Thanks
  11. By "next release" do you mean the next PR or is it already in the nightly build ?
  12. In "doItemSelect" (sench-touch-all-debug-w-comments.js line : 68491)

    This error happens when i'm binding a Ext.List to a localstorage and updates the record (using record.set("myproperty",myval)...
  13. The PR4 not only doesn't mention launch for controllers in its doc, but also in its code. Launch function only exists for Application and Profiles. Are you telling me that controller will also have a...
  14. Not sure which "initialize" you're talking about. I just tried calling "callParent" in my controller's "init"method, and that doesn't change anything (by looking at the sencha.js code, that method is...
  15. What i've found so far is to get the controller in the launch function of the application, and do that right after creating the views (code sampled from sencha.js) :

    var profile =...
  16. Ok but then, once in my profile, right after the views have been created in my launch() function, how do i access the controller, to initialise the view ?

    Profile don't have a...
  17. I need to initialize a view from my controller but i can't find a place where I would do that.

    controller.init seems to be called before view are initialized (component queries return null). I...
  18. I'm always fighting with stores and proxies with the following pattern :
    one store <-> one web service
    A webservice has one set of data for input , one set for output.
    For example if it's a GET ,...
  19. It works just fine with me :
    Did you make sure you set you Ext.Application viewport config like this :

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    Documentation for updateRecord in Ext.form.Panel has disappeared, but it is still in the code and seems to be working fine
  21. There you go (seems like defining the store isn't enough, you need to instanciate it) :

    Ext.define('app.model.RealEstate', {
    extend: '',
    config: {
  22. I found where the problem came from, and i think this is a pretty heavy problem with sencha :

    We've got two stores using the same model. One is for local storage , the other for remote.

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    Could you just confirm that you're updating basic unit tests on new features BEFORE publishing anything ?

    This posts mentions a bug in basic XML loading, and i've just submitted one about basic...
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    I was investigating why my sent garbage to my web service all of the sudden, and i found a bug in the "writeRecords" function :

    if (this.getAllowSingle() && data &&...
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    Completely agree on that one. After reading (and writing) a few bug reports about PR4, it really striked me : Sencha Touch clearly doesn't have up-to-date unit testing even on core features. That...
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