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  1. Found the answer, so updating here.

    I needed to add

    viewPort.setLayout(new FitLayout());
    Thanks Colin Alworth from SO.
  2. I am not able to make a contentpanel resize when the browser is resized. The below code renders the content panel to fill the screen(desired) but doesnt resize when the browser window size is...
  3. 45267

    ListField<Approver>() approversListField ;
    OnModuleload() //..not including for simplicity
  4. I noticed the files in the WAR folder were marked as read-only for some reason. I made them write-able and it worked. Whew!:)
  5. Link doesnt work!
  6. MessageBox.confirm("Confirm", "Are you sure?", new Listener<MessageBoxEvent>() {

    public void handleEvent(MessageBoxEvent be) {

  7. Thanks Kolli, you're awesome! Just a small optimization, you can avoid a cast by explicitly using the correct BaseEvent subclass, in this case GridEvent.

  8. [IGNORE] Silly mistake on my part nothing to do with the problem. Please delete this thread, I apologize.
  9. Hi,

    I have a table in which one column has only checkboxes. I use a gridcellrenderer to render the checkbox and assign click event handlers.As I render every checkbox I also add it to a global...
  10. Thanks for replying Sven. Yes, that's what I ended up doing myself and it is working, but when I call the method on load, it still leaves the tree node un-selected, even though the content for it has...
  11. Hi,
    I have a TreePanel with 3 nodes. After the tree is rendered I'd like to simulate a double-click on Node2. How do I do it?

    I have tried the below code, but it doesnt error out, but doesnt...
  12. Hi,

    Found the solution myself.. this worked :)

    private void loadApprovers() {
    approversListField = new ListField<Approver>();
  13. Hi,
    I'm new to GXT and apologize in advance if my question is a repeat( I couldnt any similar questions though).

    I'm trying to build a listfield of Approvers, but want to display in the format...
  14. I know this might be stupid check,but did u check if the .swf and the .js files are in the right place and correctly referenced? I used the AreaChart in my app and it worked fine.. Do u get any...
  15. Thanks a lot! Finally got rid of the "'$wnd.swfobject' is null or not an object" error message after reading this :D
  16. Wow.. that saved me a lot of trouble. thank you!:D
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