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  1. Is it possible to access another API when packaging for Native iOS? I'm looking at writing a touch app that accesses a smart card reader. It has it's own SDK for reading and returning information.
  2. I have an app that works fine on an iPod. When I update the app, it asks to reload and all is well. On my Blackberry Torch 9810 OS7, it still has an old version of the app and will not update. I...
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    I went looking for this today too. Found on Git he committed on Nov 2 "remove pivot grid example". No reason why.
  4. I am required to use VS2010 for an Ext4 app with a companion Touch app. Both will be included in the same project. I have structured it so the .NET WebAPI controllers are completely reusable,...
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    Adding the feature doesn't make it a grouped grid. See the example here

    I added this to the docked items and required 'Ext.ux.grid.GroupedPrinter'

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    This is for grouped grids only. The example you posted has no grouping feature.
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    Can you post screenshots and possibly a full example with static data?
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    Try this. I added a check

    } else if (grid instanceof Ext.grid.Panel && grid.body) {
    gridElement = grid.body.dom;

  9. Ok, that worked, sorta. It excluded my firstName field, but included my textareafield. Using my test case I did
  10. Thanks. Any ETA? I was relying on this being available for multiple areas. Workaround would be to not use name in my query, then do an Ext.each() on the array, checking for name?
  11. I used the Ext4.1 example contact form. In the window buttons, I changed the 'cancel' button handler to the below. All 6 queries returned 1 for length and the field name was 'firstName'.

  12. Yes. These two return exactly the same thing:

    console.log(fs.query('combo[name=TransDateOption]')[0] == fs.query('combo[name!=TransDateOption]')[0]);
  13. I have a combobox with static values (0,1,2). For '2', I want to switch between 2 sets of components to display. The first set I have the DateTime field from here. The second is just a textfield. ...
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    I couldn't find a print function for grouped grids, so I made one. This may not be (isn't) the most elegant or efficient way to go about this, but I managed to make it work with Ext 4.0.7 and 4.1.0....
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    I have the same issues with message box size. I also have box shadows being off by 40 or so px sometimes. Message boxes also have the wrong z-index. They will show up behind other windows rather...
  16. If you change animate to false and resizable to true on the other pie chart example, change the size of the box and you'll see. Also, hiding then showing slices using the legend makes the slice text...
  17. ExtJS 4.0.7

    Lots of special things happen. I have a login window that's destroyed and a viewport created. Login sends a JSON that contains config data for the viewport. It's a region layout...
  18. I have a pie chart that, when the container size changes, the shadows are off. If you mouseover any of the pie pieces, that piece's shadow re-aligns and it looks right. I tried profiling the event,...
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