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  1. Thanks, thats brilliant.
    Yes, I had copied/pasted from a much more complicated tpl where there was conditions and if's and I didn't think of cutting them out.
    Good to know.
  2. Thanks - well at least that (sort of) explains why you can't drag an XTemplate with an <a> in it although it doesn't really give a reason as to why you can't.

    While dragging a link may not be...
  3. While testing - if the XTemplate isn't a link the it works as expected.
    So - '<tpl>{name}</tpl>' would be OK
    But - '<tpl><a>{name}</a></tpl>' is NOT OK.
  4. I've created a grid and it has drag and drop functionality which worked fine.
    that was until I changed the column to use xtype: 'templatecolumn'

    Now if I try to drag and drop it will only work...
  5. It was quite straight forward (when you know the answer of course), the answer is as follows -

    type : 'help',
  6. Lets say I have a panel with a tool. That tool should display a tooltip, but its tooltip has to be dynamic. So it will not be known until the user mouses over the tool.

    How can I do this?

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    Hi Zeedzler, start a new thread with your question. That has nothing to do with the OP so its not likely to get answered in this thread.
  8. Yes I wasn't overriding the init, but that was my kind of my point. What's the best practise with controllers as I initially thought extending a controller could make sense, but due to the way they...
  9. 48385
    I've create and attached a very simple demo - as its multi file demo I couldn't really demo in simple fiddler demo so put together a small project file.

    if you load the zip file (which is...
  10. Found an issue when extending controllers -
    So I have ControllerA and in its init function I add a few listeners.

    I then create ControllerB which extends ControllerA.
    Now when I load the...
  11. That's a very cool little snippet.
    So no default options then - but at least that answer should be straight forward to implement.
  12. Looking to see if there is an option/parameter to retry a server side call again if it has timed out.

    I'm guessing no as I can't see anything in the docs on it, but I'm being told that there is -...
  13. Thanks for the quick reply.
    If I can't override that they way I have done then I think I shall go down the route of overriding the templatecolumn.I don't really know enough about the way its all...
  14. I have a grid and I'm creating the columns on the fly.
    This works, but I was trying to change the creating of the columns to use initComponent. In doing so I get errors when the grid is created.
  15. Yes that's what I'll have to do, but would be nice if it was inbuilt into the proxy or similar.
  16. Yes that might have been what I read previously - although I thought I read it in the context of sending requests (as that's what I want).

    So if I had a directFn as part of a store and that...
  17. I've been searching through the online docs and I'm certain I read about this feature while looking at something else... but can I find it now?

    If I have a compenent and it can make a few calls in...
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    Nice, indeed. I was actually just reading up on the plugins (such as bufferedrenderer) and wondering if I could do something with that. Seems like you've given a great solution - will hopefully be...
  19. bah that's twice in two days. No sooner have I asked a question (after ages of trying to figure it out) then the answer comes...

    The bit in bold had to be
    '<tpl if="this.isPdf( values )">',
  20. I’m trying to create an Xtemplate and the bit I can’t get I’ve marked in bold. I’ve been using the below using the console to test code. I either wish to pass the reportUrl into the local function...
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    There is also an Iframe component that is in the "ext-4.2.1\examples\ux" folder of the sdk. You may wish to use that component so that you can just pass it a src parameter and it will load the page...
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    Thanks evant, I'd been at it for quite a while - then after making question just got it...

    The version of the Xtemplate without the for="." works in my grid column, just not while debugging.
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    I'd no sooner finished post, then tried the following -

    new Ext.XTemplate(
    '<tpl for=".">',
    '<a href="{dataLink}"><img src="' + + '" alt="{otherData}" ></img></a>',...
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    I have a grid column which is a templatecolumn and I'm trying to modify/test it at runtime.

    If I do the following in my code

    tpl : new Ext.XTemplate(
    '<a href="{dataLink}"><img...
  25. I created a similar thread - so linking to it as it may well help.

    I had my swf file inside a...
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