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  1. Hi, I am doing some stuff with Grid#applyState, but I get the following error from time to time:

    I could track down the error to Ext.grid.header.Container#moveHeader : this.onHeaderMoved is...
  2. +1 for including this patch in next release. As far as I see it isn't yet included in 4.1 RC1 :(
  3. Perhaps we should add this functionality on our own... To begin:

    Ext.apply(, {
    numericality: function(config, value){
    value = parseFloat(value);

    var isNaN...
  4. Mh, nobody has an idea? Currently the rendering is really slow so that any hint is welcome :)
  5. But this doesn't suspend any events that results from grid.headerCt.add ? And how do I relayout a grid?
  6. Hi!

    I am looking for a possibility to defer layouting/refreshing a grid: After a store is loaded, the following actions are done:

    1. Adding/ removing unneeded columns (to generate columns from...
  7. @yozik04: See

    Doesn't seem to fixed in 4.0.7, but the mentioned fix works for me.
  8. Replies

    I am using the sandbox version of ExtJs, and I want to use some extensions (e.g. FilterFeature for grids). There is no sandbox variant for the plugins, so the FilterFeature is loaded into...
  9. You find a workaround here:
  10. You find a workaround here:
  11. Instead of editing extjs source code, you might want to add the following line instead before your code is executed:

    Ext.KeyNav.prototype.forceKeyDown = true;
  12. Wow, nobody has similar problems and/ or experiences?

    In addition to my ideas mentioned above, I found the 'Ext.enableListenerCollection' property, any performance advantages through this?
  13. Hello,

    I spent the whole day on going through threads of this forum to find out why rendering of some panels in my ExtJs application (containing several thousands lines of Javascript) is slow. I...
  14. The IE switch for the hiddenField in onRender is not at the correct place:

    this.hiddenField = this.el.insertSibling({
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    @franklt69: Are you aware of the following post? You should try it out...

    @jsakalos: Would it be...
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    I think a much nicer fix to prevent getEditor issues is just to provide this function to the prototype:

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    Since I try to avoid core monkey patching, I just defined an empty destroy method in row actions to solve this issue for now:

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    Hi, it seems that SuperBoxSelect registers the SuperBoxSelect#onStoreLoad callback on the store, but does not unregister it after desctruction. I propose to use ComboBox#bindStore which is already...
  19. Is there any progress on this topic? Since there isn't any solution yet, this "ticket" should be reopened and not marked as fixed anymore...
  20. I tried the following code without any changes:

    handler: function(button) {
    But nice idea ;). When I am using textfield instead of htmleditor,...
  21. I just downloaded ExtJs 3.1.0 and tried the test case from above. Unfortunetely, the problem is still reproducable as before: After opening/ closing some tabs and clicking into the text field, the...
  22. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.0.3, 2.3.0

    Adapter used:

  23. Hi!
    When I execute the example from, but replace the value of the central datepickerplus component with the today's date (using new Date()), the multi...
  24. Okay, here is my final version, just without saving a reference explicitly:

    Ext.override(Ext.TabPanel, {
    initComponent: Ext.TabPanel.prototype.initComponent.createSequence(function(){
  25. Yes, of course. But I don't want to replace all TabPanels within my Code, if there is any way to avoid this...
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