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  1. Is there any update or work around?
  2. It's actually blocking everything including pop-up windows. Again, it is not a problem with old Ext JS (before 3.0). Below, I re-posted all codes wrapped in CODE brackets.

    It works fine with...
  3. Have you got an answer to this problem? I experienced the same issue when I rendered a panel to a <div> template generated in a data view (Ext.view.View). The panel does not automatically resize...
  4. Can anyone help me how I can force the menu to show? I tried zIndexManager, WindowManager and setting z-index directly but could not make it work. I also tried to have the toolbar separate from the...
  5. I just tried to bring the menu to front using zIndexManager in the 'expand' event listener. It turns out does not fire the event 'expand'. Is this a bug?
  6. It works fine with normal html but has problem with the following html fragment:
    <object id="ADRViewer" classid="clsid:A662DA7E-CCB7-4743-B71A-D817F6D575DF" border="0" hspace="0"...
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    Below is the index.html file where 'example-logon.js' is the javascript file that gets loaded but truncated. 'example-logon.js' is a minified js file (by yui compressor) that includes Ext JS 2.2,...
  8. The application is generated and built all following the new Sencha Cmd framework and using Ext JS 4.1.3. It works without any problem before 'Sencha app build'. After the build, it shows login page...
  9. Did you install Compass?
  10. Thanks. I noticed that it complains about missing Compass when I tried to do an app build. I have since installed Compass and it seems to be working now.
  11. If it is not necessary, what features will be missing from Sencha Cmd? Thanks.
  12. I got the same error using Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.250. Is there any update on this bug? I did not install Compass. Not sure if this would cause any problem. I am compiling ExtJS 4.1.0

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    It does not seem to work when a form field (e.g. a text field) is on a form panel (Ext.form.Panel). But, it works when it is on a grid panel. i.e. there is a red triangle mark on the upper left...
  14. I got this error in IE8 when I tried to edit column fields in a grid panel which is a component of a tab panel. I am using ExtJS 4.07 It does not happen all the time. I did an online search and found...
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