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  1. grid.reconfigure(storeObj,columnObj);
  2. Hi,

    Since SVG doesn't support native wrapping of text in SVG, I tried creating wrapping text using a <foreignObject> tag instead to replace the


    that makes...
  3. I am facing the same issue with 4.0.7. Are there any fixes?
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    I was looking for an answer to this, and found it! For anyone else stuck with the same problem:

    check out the form dashboard example on the official ext site. It now has the labels on spokes in...
  5. as usual.. people post in the forum, and no one answers.. great going Sencha!
  6. Im trying to use a radar chart with more than 3 series, and I get a javascript error, with my layouting thrown out of the window.

    Is there a limit to the radar charts' series as of now? All of the...
  7. This is a report on a bug in 4.0.2 with the fileupload field in the fbar which doesnt get submitted when submitting the form. We had not upgraded to 4.0.6 (for which we have the license), and...
  8. Do Sencha even test their framework once before releasing?

    Id say 4.x versions of sencha are in alpha right now, not even beta.. There are so many problems with the framework as of 4.x that Im not...
  9. Hi David,

    Im curious about this as well, being that I recently got my PHP storm dev license. My code completion seems to be working somewhat, but thats all I have as of now. Will watch this...
  10. Within your XTemplate, you could use:

    <tpl if="address!=''">
    <img src="default_image_url.jpg">

    refer:!/api/Ext.XTemplate for more info
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    You might want to use PHP and /PHP tags within [] in this forum to post code from now on. It makes the code you post a bit more readable..
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    Well, I certainly see it in the docs right now, and the docs are generated with JSDuck, which in turn extracts info from ext-all-debug, which means HTMLEditor component is available?
  13. The alternative values missing is probably because Ext doesn't have space to draw the numbers in between because the values on the left and the right are taking up too much space.

    Can you post the...
  14. ExtJS is a client side framework, meaning it will run within a users browser. You can use it to provide a front end to your user in which, say he would type out his SMS. But the actual sending of the...


    Ext.define('AM.controller.Users', {
    // Extend controller
    extend: '',
  16. I think this is what youre looking for:!/api/Ext.form.field.HtmlEditor-method-createToolbar
  17. Well I found out after a couple of google searches that 3.x used to have a method for this. Dont really know what the 4.0 equivalent is..

  18. Im implementing something similar to :

    Now, when I consider growth, revenue, market share as factors and allow the user...
  19. Have you reported this in the bugs section of this forum? If not, then Ill open a new ticket.
  20. Went through the thread, and wanted to thumbs up the idea of having better documentation for Ext 4.0 .

    We are still on the fence on whether to convert 3.x apps to 4.0 or not.
  21. As usual no word from ExtJS community support team, nor the devs. I have done all of the above and cannot, for gods sakes, understand why my model doesnt get loaded when I have been following the...
  22. Awesome idea.. we use cakephp and ExtJS too.. would love to see you guys make it mainstream with this.
  23. Anyone found a solution for this? or.. is it reported as a bug right now? Im having the same issue now too...
  24. Solved it.
  25. Any ideas?:((
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