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    Currently all doc zip files above version 5.1.0 including the 6 series, are corrupt.
  2. There are build environment specific settings so you can specify the cache busting for just production like:

    "production": {
    "loader": {
    "cache": "${build.timestamp}"...
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    I think requires only finds classes that are in the class path (by default the sdk directory and your application directory). The modules I'm using are outside the default path. As for using...
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    My understanding is that the classpath is a CMD configuration i.e. you set it in a sencha.cfg file (either the one under YourApp/.sencha or the workspace configuration under...
  5. The external vs within MVC classpath was a red-herring. I think the problem was with using the singleton in the define's config property rather than after the app is all the way loaded and setting...
  6. I've added a workspace classpath to a folder that holds a singleton class:

    Ext.define('storage.WebStorage', {

    singleton: true,
  7. Thanks, that works. Don't know why I hadn't tried that.
  8. Is it possible and what is the configuration incantation to run the cmd web server on a specific interface?

    I'd like to do something like:

    sencha app watch -i -p 1841

  9. To clarify, the view that becomes active after my pop call is the correct view (has the right itemId), it just doesn't show anything. Maybe there is some event that gets cancelled when pop is called...
  10. Thanks for the reply Mitchell. The problem I have is that when I call pop from the pop event handler the resulting view does not show anything. It doesn't matter how many views I'm popping (it can be...
  11. Some of the views that I push onto a nav view I want to "skip" on going back through the stack. The approach I took was to handle the nav view pop event and from the handler call the pop() method if...
  12. Architect Build tested:

    Build: 678
    Project Type:

    Touch 2.1

    I change the URL Prefix in settings and it does not take effect in the current session.
    Steps to reproduce the...
  13. Looks like you can't load the store at all while in Architect.
  14. Thank you. A little more searching the forums and a little more care with my ref selector next time.
    My selector wouldn't find the component by itemId alone. It is a child of a container so I had to...
  15. I'd love to know the answer to this as well. The framework allows unquoted property names to mean the ref name but it seems there is no provision in Architect to generate the config that way.
  16. That looks like what I was talking about. So when you do this do you still get an error from the microloader that it can't find app.json? If so then it's because the microloader script is asking for...
  17. I ended up modifying development.js to prepend a path to the XHR GET of app.json and in each of the stylesheet and script resource gathering loops. Also I edited the app.json config file as the...
  18. I'm curious how this can be worked out as I have a similar problem of my 'index' being on a different branch of the path. My problem is with the microloader not having the path to app.json. Is there...
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