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  1. Firstly, I'm really sorry for the documentation. We are continuing working on the documentation as hard as we can.

    Secondly, this default behavior is not "wrong". The default behavior is to create...
  2. Please use `preciseStroke: true` in this case. Put it in the style of the line series.
  3. This is the intended behavior. It is required to include you chart inside a fit layout-ed container if you're using the legend config with the chart. You can always do it with wrapping the chart...
  4. I suppose they were removed. We will fix the documentations before GA. We now supports multiple axis docking in the same side of the chart. Therefore configs paired with docking sides becomes...
  5. Do not assume the sprites will be destroyed when the group is destroyed because a sprite can belong to multiple groups. I think the better way is to add an arg to indicate whether to destroy sprite...
  6. Canvas based Surface does not support any primitive event through dom, therefore all the event you can ever get should be calculated using javascript code. This will dramatically drag down the...
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    I think someone just asked the same question for desktop charts several days ago. We added that feature and will be released soon. Thanks for your attention.
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    I can't really read you picture clearly but I guess you may want to ask whether you can use different scales on different direction. That might not be the purpose of using radar chart because the...
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