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  1. As per sencha, this issue is fixed in ExtJS 6.

    But for ExtJS 4.2.2 this issue is still open.
  2. Open!/example/grid/binding-with-classes.html in Internet Explorer and just refresh the page.

    In windows task manager, you will see memory usage of IE process...
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    I am using ExtJS 4.2.2, not using 5.0

    And i am able to reproduce it with ExtJS standard example...
  4. I am using ExtJS 4.2.2 in my application.

    On Internet Explorer 11, I have noticed that as i am switching between views, the memory usage in windows task manager is constantly increasing.
  5. I am sending request to cross domain using JsonP proxy and response to this request is in xml.
    But, after request completion, i am getting following error in firebug -
    "unterminated regular...
  6. I think request is not cross domain as i am sending it to same domain "". I want to send the requests to subdomain of "" i.e "" and ""
  7. I want to send Ajax requests to "" and "" from same Ext application. Also i want to use above urls for store loading.
    How can i implement such a functionality in...
  8. I have tried to create example with reference of!...organizer.html

    I'm also getting following error

    this.el is null
  9. For number input use "Number Field" instead of "Text Field". You can apply validations to number field by using it's properties.
    You will find different number field proprieties on -
  10. In this case "this" is referring to form not to button as we are using "scope: this".
  11. I have modified your code.
    Try This,

    Ext.Loader.setConfig({enabled: true});

    Ext.Loader.setPath('Ext.ux', 'js/ux/');

  12. Are you going to apply "id" property to "Send To" field?
    If yes then -

    click:function(){ var emailArray= new Array(); for(var i=0; i<...
  13. Hi,
    Thanks for posting your code. In your code i didn't see how are you calling "Send Email" Form on click of "Send Email" button.

    So, you can try like this

  14. Replies
    yes, function is working correctly. There is no line no. of library is associated with this
  15. Try this,

    buttons: [
    text: 'Generate',
    scope: this,
    handler: function() {
    var form = this.getForm();
  16. yes.....i think above method should work.
    I have question - how can be your event is getting register 2 times?, If you are destroying component before creating new one.
    I think your component is...
  17. Can you post your JS code?
    It will make me easier to understand how you are calling "Send Email" form.


    you can try like this,

    handler: function(){
  18. try to remove event with removeListener() method before destroying the component.
  19. It depends, how and when you want to set value in "Email Address" text area.
    You can set it on click of "Send Email" button or on "render"/"afterrender" event of of "Send Email" form.
  20. try with suspendEvents() method of each component;
  21. Try this

    var emailAddress = new Array();
    for(var i=0; i< store.getCount(); i++){

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    I am applying validation on text area on key change event for multiple email input.
    For this i am using following custom vtype:

    'multiemail' : function(v) {

    var array =...
  23. I am using Ext.ux.ComponentListView component in my application which is based on Ext JS version 3.x. Now, i am migrating my code in Ext JS 4. I want this component based on Ext JS 4, but i am not...
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    For xml file, code works. But, when i use store.load({ params: params}); as i have mentioned in earlier post, code does not work.
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    Yes, i am executing load() on store. Actually i am loading this from other ext component.

    op: 9,
    Id: selectedId,
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