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  1. u must be using

    queryMode: 'remote'

    if u r loading the store once u need not use remote query , using it will again send the store load request and thats why your combo values gets disappear...
  2. I am facing the same problem , even after i have removed the bootstrap.js file .turning off garbage is not wise but i have to do it unless get some solution for it . plz share where to use this code...
  3. have not got the correct solution , but make it work for now by using a loop and selecting a single row at once .
  4. for now i have disabled the group menu item from its config option , but i guess with remote summary the grid should take data again by reloading grid with new parameters , like in case of filters .
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    Thanks for your concern . For now , i am able to get rid of that error by cloning the grid store
    and filling ' selection ' array by loading this cloned store .
  6. same problem here, it seems store.suspendEvents() is not working in extjs 4 .
    or its calling resume events even after setting it to false .
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    i am able to update your plugin compatible with extjs 4 , but facing some problem , u might help me with that ,

    Code :

    selectionPaging = function(config) {
    Ext.apply(this, config);
  8. facing the same problem the select function only select a single row , if given a single index ,does not work with array of indexs
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    hi , first of all thanks for this nice plug in .
    i was successfully using your plug in in extjs 3 , but while up grading to extjs 4 i am facing the same problem of selection paging , have u revisit...
  10. ya but even in extjs 4 , the problem is same the combo does not show the default value in the edit form because the store has not yet been loaded .
  11. ya but i have get rid of this problem by overriding the above fn . actually the problem is ,its taking the total count of store to get the page size and with zero rows the page count is '0' , which...
  12. dont know the correct method , but i get rid of it by overriding the getpagedata() of paging toolbar .
    the js code need to be included is

    Ext.override(Ext.toolbar.Paging, {
    getPageData :...
  13. after gone through the code and doing some study , i got that the page count is showing '0' on the paging toolbar when the store is empty , though it shold be at least '1' in all the conditions .plz...
  14. while using a paging toolbar with grid in extjs 4 , if u return a empty store,i.e., our store is returning an empty array , the next node and last page options are still active although ideally they...
  15. i m currently using a paging toolbar in extjs 4 , the problem is the next node and move last options in the paging are not disabled if there are no records in the grid ,i.e., store is returning an...
  16. currently I was migrating my own app from Ext3 to 4 and i ran into the exact same problem .
    the main problem is that the combobox doesn't have the data needed yet at the time it's rendered.the ajax...
  17. while selecting a different column for group summary through filter , it throws an error and does not show the summary .
    possibly need to send the call to its store again to get the filtered...
  18. solved the problem after some going through its doc. , used the method bindStore() , to reload the store dynamically to the itemselector .
    it would be done like this .

    var itemsel =...
  19. i need to dynamically generate the items in the itemselector with the reloading of store ,in ext 3 it is working perfectly but for some reason in extjs 4 the itemselector store does not accept new...
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