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  1. I adapted it to Ext 3.0.0. Here is modified version:

    * Ext.ux.grid.PageSizer
    * Dynamically sets the PageSize config of a PagingToolbar
    * adapted for 3.0.0 Marcin Krzyzanowski
  2. I'm getting this error:

    Błąd: combo.getEl() is undefined
    Source file: http://localhost/static/extxplus/Ext.ux.grid.PageSizer.js
    Row: 142
  3. Hi,

    I have problem with JsonStore and HttpProxy request.
    Firebug show me that every request have

    Content-Type application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8

    I did
  4. I think i'ts still in 3.0 final. I have it (zero width character ​)
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    There is labelPad layout specific config, but it's only mentioned in description of FromLayout. It's not listed and described among other config options.
  6. You right. My mistake. I've tested it against 3.0 version locally by mistake. I'm really really sorry.
  7. but DisplayField label is tighter and is multiline but it shouldn't. I don't know, for me it work fine if I remove labelStyle (I assume this is related) so please give me a hint how to fix it if it's...
  8. I took trunk from svn today and have similar problem that labelStyle reset labelWidth

    <script type='text/javascript'>

    var field = new...
  9. isn't it a BUG ?
  10. It's still in 3.0.
    setting disable: true, still alow to edit content
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    How to build it if renderer relay on another field in record ?
  12. it's fine now. thanks.
  13. SVN rev. 2634

    Today I updated 2.0 branch for testing and notice error message in my application. This error message appear when I close Tab with grid (and with store)

    this.ids[g] is...
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    First posted here:

    var tbtext = new Ext.StatusBar({
    autoWidth: true,
    defaultIconCls: "x-tbar-loading",
    defaultText: "this is default...
  15. I've tried it using

    and got error is null
  16. If I understand you problem, then another way is to modify base parameters like this:

    storeData.baseParams = {
    my_parameter: new_value
  17. try set absolute path to file, like this:

    dataUrl: '/11_tree_json.jsp'

    I'm not sure if you should duplicate elements with the same ID. you have many of 1000 etc
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    well... I don't mean to have loading on every expand. My whole menu structure is in that json and it itented to be loaded at once. I can set children: [] to avoid recursive loading.
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    There is something wired with Tree builder, it expand recursively:

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
  20. it have nice search feature
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    but there is no such code in source, only in documentation.
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    I noticed that release 2.2 doesn't have Air classess. There is no information about Air in release note. Is there a chance to have Air support with version 2.2 ?

    Or I miss something.
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    there should be

    echo stripslashes($_REQUEST['ex']);
  24. I wrote this one, you can check it:

    (Tested on TextMate and E-TextEditor)
  25. Thanks, but it's not a feature right ? ;)

    There is no information in documentation that it may not work as expected.
    Anyway, I figured out that if I add first empty tab WITH TITLE (using...
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