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  1. I am hoping to use this plugin in my project but have a couple of questions... I haven't integrated many extensions or plugins in my projects so appreciate these questions are probably pretty basic....
  2. Thanks Scott.. my current approach is to implement these functions myself in the following way.

    I can quite easily figure out in my database which records have been changed since a given...
  3. Having looked at this a bit more I don't think sync() does what I want as I think it would just push changes made locally on the client to the server via the proxy.

    To clarify what I am looking...
  4. I am working on an application that has a number of stores that are loaded from the server. The store.load()ed records can be modified by the user/application and then saved back to the server using...
  5. Good tip... That helped narrow down the problem!

    Many thanks!
  6. I have a problem where the application production build fails but works fine otherwise.

    I get an unhelpful console error in "TypeError: q is undefined" in firefox, and "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot...
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    Thanks, we'll definitely need to update our project soon.

    For now, I found a work around. Just wanted to post it in case anyone else might benefit...

    We had the following in our code, dealing...
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    Thanks for the reply, Alex. Our project is based on Ext 4.2.0.

    My current approach is to try to diff the two versions and try to come up with an override that I can use in my project until we can...
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    We think we have a problem with this issue in our current project which was based on ExtJs 4.2.

    Unfortunately we are due to deliver in the next few days and are not able to upgrade our ExtJs as...
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