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  1. Okay I was searching on the wrong end, the Proxy has nothing to do with the Contents of the Store as it is only passive. Better would be overloading the store and try to get events when changes occur...
  2. I'm trying to add the ability to sync multiple Stores within the CRUD paradigm, to do this I extended Now when I want to call create or update the other stores ( theyr proxies )...
  3. Hi all, I'm having a bit of trouble getting a proper solution for this.
    Setup :

    I'm having a Node.JS server with a Persistence.js ORM and RPC over now.js to a ExtJS Application.

    For the...
  4. With the progress of developement, will there be aditional costs? or is the Purchase including 2.0 (and further )?

    EDIT: To make this more clear, I tried to read the Support and Service Agreement...
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    I Tried that before, logging In with my Forum Account won't work, i'll look what the error was later

    EDIT: Okay does work :)
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    I too think a student version would be really nice, I am an trainee from Germany and I love the capabilities of ExtJS, the designer would push the Developement speed to the Maximum.

    Even if you...
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