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  1. Thanks

    Now I understand little bit more the ExtJS record handling. I have read lot of Books now about ExtJS 3 but it have really changed. Your code is well written and help me really a lot.
  2. Hi this is very helpful.

    But I'm a little bit confused. When I update or insert records to a store where server response of success is false, the records are marked as dirty. But when I delete a...
  3. Hi
    I doesn' think think you have to RemoveAll before load. I use a refresh button in my app and there is just the store.load(). This work fine.

    I also don't need to set setLoading. This is...
  4. Thanks a lot mdavis6890!!!

    My solution looks this way:

    renderer: function(value, metadata, record, rowIndex, colIndex, store) {
    var idx =...
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    The source for extJS 4.0.2a looks this way:

    var idx = this.columns[colIndex]'status_id', value);
    return idx !== -1 ?...
  6. Hello
    I'm writing an MVC application with Grid component and RowEditor as plugin using ExtJS 4.0.2a.

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.2a

    Browser versions tested against:
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    not realy

    to generate your css you will need max. 10 min. and on the www there are sooo many free icon libs.

    here is the class example for your css

    .add {
    background-image: url(...
  8. Sorry but I have no time, to much to do.
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    Seems not.
    When you look to ext-4/resources/css there is no specific css file for icons.
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    You specify a class for the menu item

    iconCls: 'add16',

    So now you can make your own stylesheet where you declare the class add16 and the image to use.
    That's all.
  11. Here is my source, may it help you:

    Ext.define('' ,{
    extend: 'Ext.grid.Panel',
    alias : 'widget.taxratesgrid',

    store : 'Taxrates',
    border: false,
  12. Seems all right on your source.

    Yes my rowEdit works on chrome 12, firefox 5 , opera 11, safari 5 and IE9.
  13. Can not be.
    I use also roweditor plugin and I can select everything I specified to be editable and change the value.

    May you have an misstake in your source. Best you show us your source.
  14. Hi

    I have now a well working grid with roweditor. The grid is filled with tabledata that reference other table. Here I use the combobox, which is connected with a store that reads the reference...
  15. Why that. It's simple css.
    For example if you have a div with fix size (width: 300px) and set overflow: scroll
    then you need just to assign the webkit scroll properties you found in ext-all.css
  16. Think this is not good:

    items: [
    new Ext.form.field.ComboBox({
    id: 'simpleCombo',

    Try this:

    items: [{
  17. Think it have to do with webkit css specifics.
    Using Opera or Firefox show normal scrollbars.
    No IE on my Mac :D.

    Best you search google for: webkit scrollbar css
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    Thanks it work.

    I thought before that removeAll will fire the store delete trigger. This happens to me before, cause of one misstake in my source. But now it work.

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    I'm using the end the store.load() function. This work great.
    But I want also to set the connected grid of this store to a clear status. To unload all records from data store.
    I have...
  20. 1+ the post above
  21. @nohuhu: Well you are right. You are a beginner with less experience.

    Lot of people are working for a long time with extjs. Spend their time inside and outside their job to make successful. We...
  22. And the solution is so easy!

    Just looked around the forum, collect the request and make an easy webvideo for every request,
    so we all can follow the ideas behind extjs.
  23. Yes because now you need to add in programmatic way.
    Try this:
    In your app.js

    launch: function() {;

    And this in your...
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    Depending your configuration.
    If your is set to autoSync = true, then it will send all changes as response to the server. Otherwise you have to set the Sync action, for example with a...
  25. Right. Have the same issue.

    The is also not a help.
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