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  1. Hi,

    for a Component I'm building I need to have some mechanism which informs me if the mouse is over an element and also if the mouse-position changes while it's over this element.

  2. Thanks guys,

    I built following method from the info you gave me:

    repairString : function(str) {
    var temp_div = document.createElement('div');
    temp_div.innerHTML = str;
  3. That code fragment was okay if i just wanted to view the character but i really need it as string as i need to set it as value of a textfield (to be precise as text of an Ext.form.TriggerField)
  4. yep got it. is there any other way to do this quickly ?
  5. According to the docs, the '&' Character should be handled:
  6. Hi,

    selecting nodes from a tree, I noticed by logging their text's via console.log(), special characters like '&' are encoded to HTML-Entities (in that case '& # 38;').

    To convert that code...
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    To finally finish this thread, here's what I did to give my combobox a default-value:

    var defaultValue = 'somevalue';
    var initialLoad = true;

    store.on('load', function() {
    if (combo...
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    Yep, I am using a plain HTML-Form, thus no Ext-form... So this might be the reason indeed. As I'm building some template element with the Ext.Combo-Box for use with our JSP-based CMS, it is important...
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    Okay I'll run your example, thx...

    Btw I'm rendering the ComboBox to an html-input field, just didn't post that here.

    <input id="key" name="key"/>

    Rendering works fine...
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    Yes you are extending the afterRender event, setting default value by setValue(). However, this event is fired (or caught) for me neither. Since I receive the combo's select event I don't think...
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    Ah okay,

    to complete my little combobox-project I got another question: I'd like to give a combobox a default value, one record from the store that is set by its id when the combobox has been...
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    Hey thank you!

    That was exactly what I was looking for! Am I blind, or is that not listed in the docs?
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    It might be a possibility to extend the ComboBox, yes... But IMHO it should be possible to modify a store's data before it's used by elements such as combobox, tree, view or grid. Those elements...
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    Hi, I have some troubles rendering an Ext.form.ComboBox with data read from a JsonStore. Since the data contains some special characters it is necessary to escape it. Before viewing it in my...
  15. Hi,

    I'm using a Ext.TreePanel with Ext 2.0.2. After rendering the tree I try to select the last Path selected by the user (node-id is saved in profile).

    I'm doing it like that:

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    Haven't used this.accountsTree.getLoader ().load (n); before but maybe it has an onLoad event? Make sure the tree is done with loading before expanding any of it nodes.
  17. Can you show the source code of your FORM?
  18. The opacity problem disappears if I comment out the onDragDrop() callback... It's not the content of the method, als a empty callback will cause this problem. It seems to be just the fact that I...
  19. I posted this problem under questions first, but was asked to put it here...

    I'm developping an desktop-like application where you can create Icons - with context menus on them -, move them via...
  20. I'm gaining this buggy effect without using this tinyMCE editor. Just after doing dragging & dropping, modal dialog's background is not painted over with a semi-transculent screen mask but with that...
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    Hi all,

    I'm still new to EXT, currently I'm developping a desktop-like application where you can move Icons retrieved from an Ext.View by Drag and Drop on a desktop and organize them on diffrent...
  22. Hi all,

    I'm Building an Ext.View from a DataStore, displaying each node using a 3D-ish Template. Now I'm looking for a way to set another Template for

    a) selected Node
    b) a hovered...
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